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Cisco BGP Training Course in Pune

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is one of the member of IP Routing Protocols and is one of the most scalable of all Routing Protocols. BGP is an Exterior Gateway Protocol which is designed in order to exchange and distribute routing information among autonomous systems.

At I-Medita, we provide customized training on BGP. This training is customized after frequent demand from working professionals.

Devices to be Used during BGP Training:

  • Router :  Cisco 1841, 1905, 2811
  • Switches: 2950, 2960, 3750, 3560


CCNA Routing and Switching with good knowledge and understanding of protocols like OSPF, EIGRP RIP.

Key Highlights of Cisco BGP Training Course:

  • Customised Training on Cisco BGP as per Industry Demand
  • Maharashtra’s Biggest Cisco Networking Labs.
  • Pool of Best CCIE Certified Trainer’s.
  • 24*7 Lab Access
  • Early Morning and Late Night Batch Facility Available.
  • Back Up Classes.
  • Access to Study Material: Books, Free Videos, PPTS etc.
  • Access to Facebook Private Group, ask your questions any time and we will revert you asap.
  • Flexible Payment Options Available: Cash, Netbanking, Debit Card, Credit Card, Cheque,DD etc

Course Content

Cisco BGP Course Content:

BGP Overview

  • Introducing BGP, BGP Path Attributes, BGP Sessions, BGP Routes
  • Configuration of, monitoring and troubleshooting of BGP

BGP Basic Configuration:

  • Enabling BGP Routing
  • Configuration of BGP Neighbors
  • Managing Routing Policy Changes
  • Verifying BGP Soft Reset
  • Configuration of BGP Interactions with IGPs
  • Configuration of BGP Weights
  • Disabling Autonomous System Path Comparison
  • Configuration of BGP Route Filtering by Neighbor
  • Configuration of BGP Filtering Using Prefix Lists
  • Configuration of BGP Path Filtering by Neighbor
  • Disabling Next Hop Processing on BGP Updates
  • Configuration of the BGP Version
  • Configuration of the MED Metric

BGP Advance Configuration:

  • Using Route Maps to Modify Updates
  • Resetting eBGP Connections Immediately upon Link Failure
  • Configuration of Aggregate Addresses
  • Disabling Automatic Summarization of Network Numbers
  • Configuration of BGP Community Filtering
  • Configuration of BGP Conditional Advertisement
  • Configuration of a Routing Domain Confederation
  • Configuration of a Route Reflector
  • Configuration of BGP Peer Groups
  • Disabling a Peer or Peer Group
  • Indicating Backdoor Routes
  • Modifying Parameters While Updating the IP Routing Table
  • Setting Administrative Distance
  • Adjusting BGP Timers
  • Changing the Default Local Preference Value
  • Redistributing Network
  • Configuration of the Router to Consider a Missing MED as Worst Path
  • Selecting Path Based on MEDs from Other Autonomous Systems
  • Configuration of the Router to Use the MED to Choose a Path from Subautonomous System Paths
  • Configuration of the Router to Use the MED to Choose a Path in a Confederation
  • Configuration of Route Dampening

Batch Details

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) : 30 Hours Training
Track Regular (Mon-Fri) Weekend ( Sat-Sun)
Duration 15 Days 3 Weekends
Hours 2 Hours a Day 3-4 Hours a Day
Fee INR 20,000 INR 20,000

Group Discount

  • In a Group of 2 discount will be 5% per head
  • In a Group of 3 discount will be 10% per head
  • In a Group of 4 discount will be 15% per head

Note: EMI options via credit card, Monthly EMI.

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