Placement Process


In India, there is a pool of BCA/MCA/Engineering/Other Degree/Diploma talented individuals who after studying so much for 3/4 years are not being placed but deserve to get a good job and make the career. After an extensive research, we know why. These people are intelligent, resourceful and hardworking but they are not meeting the company/industry/corporate’s criteria. The reason is because they are lagging behind by one or the other thing like communication skills, practical knowledge, resumes or the ability to present oneself.

We, at I-Medita, thought to understand these requirements and gaps from industry people and then accordingly find the solution to give them a chance and get them placed. These candidates, like us, need a bit of grooming and they are ready to step into the industry. For them, we introduced a 100% Job Guarantee Program. In this program, there are few technologies that need to be studied with their practical approaches. Also, there would be few other personality enhancing classes in order to make one fit for the Industry standards.


Our Placement Team takes the requirements from the Companies which we have tied up with. They understand those requirements and have a discussion with the Technical trainers’ team of I-Medita.

The course structure is prepared according to those requirements by the Industry experts.

Training is given on the basis of the requirements and the course structure defined.



Group Discussions: Nowadays, the standards of the companies have been raised. They do not hire anyone who cannot put their thoughts on the table. This round is for the people to help them do so.

Interview Sessions: In the Interview sessions, there would be three rounds.

General Telephonic/ Face to Face interview with the HR: This round is decided according to the requirement. In this round, the communication skills, confidence and ability to present oneself is being tested. The feedback is being given by I-Medita HR and is being worked on by the student.

Technical Interview: This round will be taken by our Technical Experts and according to the results, the candidate is groomed and told about his strengths and weaknesses.

Negotiation Round: In this round, a candidate is trained to negotiate the salaries and different factors. It will be taken by the HR Manager and he/she will make sure that candidate is able to negotiate his salary, incentives, and perks from the HR.

Resume Writings: Resumes are the first impression of the candidate. He/ She is being judged by the resume at first and there are many who cannot clear this. That is why resume writing skills are important to be understood. In this, we also guide students how HR’s hire through various portal by showing them live how employer panel works.

Technical Presentations: Candidates have to give the technical presentation to the senior trainers every 15-20 days. This will help them gain confidence, to speak their minds out and learn about the technologies.

Technology Updates: One needs to be aware of the latest technologies if he/ she wants to enter into the technical world. This round aims to update the candidates about the latest technologies with the help of our friends/ colleagues/students working in MNC’s like HCL, Wipro, Aricent, Dimension Data, CSS Corp and many more companies, who come and meet our students every 15 days and help them understand what is required in the industry.

After these sessions, the resume of each candidate are shared with the companies or the placement team will get the company to the I-Medita campus and get the candidate placed.

We believe in every student and we will make sure that jobs are automatically guaranteed for enrolled students. We understand their concerns. We are here for them.