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Do you want to become the world’s best Penetration Tester?

You must aim to achieve the EC Council Licensed Penetration Testing Master (LPT) Certification. This Certification establishes your supremacy as a Penetration Testing Expert. You will become a part of the elite society of individuals who are renowned worldwide as Penetration Testing Masters.

How to become a Licensed Penetration Testing Master?

As an LPT (Master) your jobs commands you to find the “Achilles’ heel” or the weak spots in network security models. You will have to use a variety of tools, techniques such as network pivoting, making exploit codes work in your favor, or by writing Bash, Python, Perl, and Ruby scripts. You must be a creative thinker, focused and alert, to arrive at conclusions based on facts in front of you and make quick decisions.

Come Join the I-Medita LPT Master Training Program for Advanced Penetration Testing. This course provides an ideal preparation and sets you on the path towards accomplishing the prestigious EC Council Licensed Penetration Tester Master Certification.

However, before you enroll in this course, here are a few words of friendly advice. This course is specifically meant for people who want to gain mastery in Penetration Testing. This program builds on the knowledge and skills gained in the ECSA Certification and the ECSA (Practical) Certification.

This course is extremely challenging, intense and continuously throws you out of the comfort zone in order to develop the instincts and intellect required to make you competent to handle complex problems that you will have to face in the real world as a Penetration Tester. The LPT Master Certification exam is even more demanding. It is an 18 hour exam which consists of 3 levels of exams, each level is 6 hours comprising of 3 challenges each.

In short, it would suffice to say, that this course is meant for people who have the mental toughness and the motivation to perform in any situations against all odds.

Let us now understand how I-Medita is the best training provider for learning advanced penetration testing in order to gear up for the EC Council Licensed Penetration Testing Master Certification.

Why I-Medita LPT (Master) : Advanced Penetration Testing Course?

The EC-Council LPT Master : Advanced Penetration Testing course is designed by subject matter experts in professional security. It is based on EC-Council’s most advanced Penetration Testing Cyber Range (ECCAPT).

I-Medita is an authorized Training Partner of EC Council. The I-Medita Licensed Penetration Testing Course curriculum covers all modules prescribed by EC Council for the Advanced Penetration Testing (LPT Master Certification).

I-Medita organizes a Free Demo Session to get a firsthand experience of how our classroom lectures are conducted. You can also get more insights regarding LPT Master Examination and its systematic and thorough preparation.

The most significant benefits of I-Medita Advanced Penetration Testing LPT (Master) course are:

  • World’s most advanced Penetration Testing Program designed by EC Council.
  • Get access to the EC Council Penetration Testing Range ECCAPT that mimics Real Life Penetration Testing.
  • Practice Ranges are designed to teach professional-level skills to identify the attack surface of targets within a required time frame.
  • Provides Enterprise network environment that must be attacked, exploited, evaded, and defended.
  • LPT (Master) methodology builds on open-source penetration testing methodologies, e.g. – PTES, NIST800-115, PCI DSS, ISSAF, OSSTMM.
  • Learn with Certified Network Trainers and Industry Experts.
  • 24*7 access to state of the art Labs with ultra modern equipments.
  • 24*7 Learning support to solve queries via Chat, WhatsApp and Emails.
  • 100% Placement assistance, interview preparation, question banks, resume templates.
  • Free refresher and backup classes.
  • Authorized Training Completion Certification
  • Ideal preparation for renowned EC-Council Licensed Penetration Tester (Master) exam.
  • I-Medita is an authorized EC Council Training Partner and Exam Testing Center.

What are pre-requisites for attending the Advanced Penetration Testing Course?

  • You must be 18 years of age or above to qualify for attending this training.
  • You should be able to think out of the box, should have creativity, problem-solving and analytical thinking abilities to perform well as a penetration tester or security analyst.
  • You must have completed the Ethical Hacking Course, and the Certified Security Analyst Course. As these courses are the foundation of the LPT Master Advanced Penetration testing course.

Who should take Advanced Penetration Testing LPT (Master) Training Course?

Penetration Testers, Network administrators, IT Auditors, Information Security Engineers, Security Consultants can enroll in this course.

Training Cost and Duration

Advanced Penetration Testing Training
Track Regular (Mon-Fri) Weekend (Sat-Sun)

5 Days

5 Days


6 Hours per day

6 Hours per day


USD 1900

USD 1900

What you will learn in the Advanced Penetration Testing Course?

You will learn professional security and advanced penetration testing skills. You will learn advanced concepts like scanning against defenses, pivoting between networks, deploying proxy chains, and using web shells. It provides practice ranges that mimic professional penetration tests where you have to identify attack surface, weaknesses of the machines that are on the network, within the restricted time frame.

You will gain in-depth knowledge of and will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a repeatable and measurable approach to Penetration Testing
  • Perform advanced techniques, and attacks to identify SQL injection, Cross site scripting (XSS), LFI, RFI vulnerabilities in web applications
  • Get access to proprietary EC-Council Penetration Testing methodologies
  • Exploit vulnerabilities in Operating systems such as Windows, Linux
  • Perform privilege escalation to gain root access to a system
  • Demonstrate ‘Out-of-the-box’ and ‘lateral’ thinking
  • Identify and bypass perimeter protections
  • Custom Scripting in Perl, Python and Ruby
  • Perform Advanced post exploitation and persistence
  • Extend Metasploit with custom modules and exploits
  • Pivot from external into internal networks
  • Submit a professional and industry accepted report that achieves management and technical buy-in

What is Course Curriculum for Advanced Penetration Testing LPT (Master) Certification?

I-Medita Certified Advanced Penetration Testing Training course curriculum is aligned with and includes all modules prescribed by the EC Council for Licensed Penetrating Testing Master Certification. The Course Modules are:

  • Introduction to Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Information Gathering Methodology
  • Scanning and Enumeration
  • Identify Vulnerabilities
  • Exploitation
  • Post Exploitation
  • Advanced Tips and Techniques
  • Preparing a Report
  • Practice Ranges

For more in-depth course curriculum information – please check Advance Penetration Testing Course Training Course Curriculum Details.

EC Council LPT Master – Advanced Penetration Testing – Exam Preparation

The Licensed Penetration Master practical exam is a milestone certification in EC-Council’s entire information security track. The LPT (Master) is fully online, remotely proctored LPT (Master) practical exam. The aim of the LPT (Master) is to ascertain that each Penetration Tester licensed by EC-Council follows a strict code of ethics, is exposed to the best practices in the domain of penetration testing and aware of all the compliance requirements required by the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Licensed Penetration Master (LPT Master) Certification?

You must be an EC Council Certified Security Analyst OR You must have 2 years of Penetration Testing Work Experience OR You must have another industry equivalent certification such as OSCP or GPEN certification.

What is the format of LPT Master Certification exam?

The LPT Master is a grueling 18 hours long, performance based, hands-on Exam. This exam test your determination, motivation and focus by pushing you to the limits in order to overcome each of the challenges. The exam requires you to follow a methodical approach to test and validate security defenses.

What are the kinds or types of challenges in LPT Master Certification exam?

The LPT Master exam includes defensive and offensive challenges which you must defeat and overcome within a stipulated timeframe. You must document Penetration Test outcomes in a professional Penetration Test report, which will be reviewed and scored by subject matter experts in the Penetration Testing domain.

The LPT (Master) exam mimics a real life enterprise network with multiple network segments, firewalls, Demilitarized Zones (DMZ), varied operating systems, different web technologies, access control policies, and layers of security controls by putting your Penetration Testing skills to test.

The cyber range forces you to demonstrate your skills across reconnaissance, scanning, enumeration, gaining access, maintaining access, then exploiting vulnerabilities and seeking out into a network that only a true professional will be able to break.

What is the criteria for passing Licensed Penetration Master Certification exam?

The 18 hour LPT Master exam is categorized into three practical exams of six-hours each. Each level consists of 3 challenges and you will have to clear minimum 1 challenge at each level in order to qualify for the next level. The LPT Master exam consists of 9 challenges and to successfully clear the LPT Master you must pass at least 5 challenges

You are required to Demonstrate Mastery of Advanced Penetration Testing Concepts and Techniques Including:

  • Multi-level Pivoting
  • OS Vulnerabilities Exploitation
  • SQL Injection
  • Host-Based Application Exploitation
  • Privilege Escalation
  • Exploit and Payload Customization
  • SSH Tunnelling
How long is the LPT Master Certification valid?

When you successfully pass the prestigious LPT Master exam, you will receive LPT Master Welcome Kit which comprises of the Printed LPT certificate, Welcome Letter, Lapel Pin, EC Council LPTA T-Shirt.

The LPT (Master) license is valid for 2 years.

What is the process to renew my LPT Master Certification?

You can renew the LPT (Master) license, after 2 years, by paying the annual renewal fee of USD 250

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