10 Smart Strategies to consider while selecting a Networking Institute

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Finding the best Networking Training institute for yourself is a gateway to Cisco’s world – is as important as finding the best preschool for your kid(maybe in future), It all starts with step 1.

We have seen a lot of people loving the technology just because they love the trainer and the real Cisco devices present in the institute and also have seen a huge turnout hating the technology just after their CCNA course as they were never made familiar with real devices and all they could learn was Cisco packet tracer.

Before selecting any Networking Training institute every student should consider their points so that they can get the best learning and knowledge.

Here are 10 Strategies every student should consider while selecting Networking Institute

  • Technical Trainers/Team:

It is believed that once the student falls in love with a trainer, he/she automatically fall in love with technology. Think about your past experiences, most of the times you like some subject already, but the trainer is not efficient to teach you and explain you how you want to learn, you surely lose interest in the technology. However, many times this must have happened that you hate/less like some technology and still the trainer made you fall in love with technology.

I-Medita has the strongest team of trainers Mr. Saurabh(6 years and CCIE R&SV5 #46962), Mr. Baldev(7 years and CCIE Security #37094), Mr. Sudhanshu(5 and CCIE VOICE #41212), Mr. Surendra(3 CCIE R & S Written) and Mr. Sugandh(CCSI,MCSE, 13 Years). All with vast experience of real time industry, training and life.

  • Must have Real Cisco Devices in the institute:

A Networking Institute, whether new or old, can be judged easily by how many routers, switches and working condition racks they have in their premises. We believe that a group of 2-4 students can easily practice on one rack and have a healthy doubt session on networking concepts while they implement it in real right after the class.

Real Networking Devices

  • Institute should allow for Demo class:

Universal truth, it is the moral right of every human being to buy the clothes, shoes after we have a complete feeling and understanding of it. While you are taking services of any training company in this regards, you should be allowed to have at least one demo class in running batch or a separate one for you. You may also want to check CCNA, CCNP, CCIE Training details.

Free Demo Class

  • Video Feedback:

Nowadays most of the training company’s / institutes have started taking video testimonials/feedbacks from their current students about their training quality. In video feedback checks the name of the person, college/area and then find them on LinkedIn or Facebook and do check at least 4-5 video feedbacks of the company to check authenticity.


  • Batch sizes:

One of the most important thing is to check the size of the batch, it must be between 5-10 or at max 15 if the classroom is big with a big projector and at least 5 racks loaded with devices are available right after batch for practice. Why batch size? Remember your 10th /12t h /graduation /engineering days when there were 30/40/60 people in one class and what used to happen at the back bench! Check out this article from Wikipedia about teacher-student ratio per class as well as you can google about it more and have more facts. Smaller the batch, better doubts solving and individual attention. 

Limited Batch Size

  • Learning Environment:

We encourage that a learning environment is a must in any Networking Training institute while choosing them as your training partners, it is equally important to have open labs where students can practice anytime and have interaction with students of the different batch.

Friendly Learning Environment

  • Training methodology:

CCNA, CCNP,CCIE has a very vast syllabus, you must ask the counselor or the trainer about they are going to cover in these courses or any other training course you are about to take. It is very important to study relevant topics and concepts in order to have a better understanding of its real-time application in industry.

updated training methodology

  • Location and Accommodation:

While choosing a Networking Institute or any other training institute, do check its feasibility from your place, if you travel too much to reach the institute, you almost lose the energy(especially in Indian Summers), always remember, CCNA is like kindergarten for an amazing networking career ahead, taking care of all factors in mind is very important.

Location and Accomodation

In case you are coming from outside the institute city, you must make sure that there are affordable and best price accommodations nearby the institution so that you do not waste more time in traveling. Above all, you can ensure that the institute shall also help you find a best possible accommodation nearby.

  • Repeat Classes:

Many a times we have seen students are not able to attend classes due to college/family issues/personal heath/nature’s conditions and in this case a student must be allowed to attend classes again free of cost.

  • 24*7 Lab Availability: 

We have seen some students are more focused at Night and some in day, so we came up with a concept of 24*7 Labs in Pune and students can come and practice at any time In the year except on compulsory holiday by Govt. The more students practice on real devices, more it is easy for them to understand the technology.

Also, Supportive counselors and helpdesk people should be there, In the case of any issue you should feel free to reach someone who can rectify your problems and help you out of the box. If you are coming from the different city and feel uncomfortable with your health, they should help you out with that. Most of the things you can judge the quality of institute by just visiting them once and by window shopping around. Visit at least 3-5 good institutes physically and ensure that your career is in right hands.


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