Ankita Got placed in GTT Communications and Wipro after training from I-Medita

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Ankita Sharma is a student of I-Medita where she enrols for CCNP course some time ago now she feels great as she got the placement in networking domain. She showed her gratitude toward team I-Medita for her happiness. She thanked Trainers, faculty and the most importantly she loved the labs here. Ankita is now placed in two companies that are giants in networking domain that is GTT Communication and Wipro.

We had a one on one interview with her where she expressed her views and training experience with I-Medita, let us hear what she has to say:

Question: Hi, heartiest congratulations for getting your job in GTT Communications and Wipro. So, how it feels like?

Answer: It really feels great to be selected in first go. Honestly, I wasn’t sure that I will be able to crack the interview so early but thanks to the efforts and the guidance provided by the Trainers and Sourabh Sir, it went really well.

Question: Why I-MEDITA, what was the reason that you picked it over several others present in your own city and the nation over?

Answer: Well, I did join another institute earlier for CCNA but I wasn’t satisfied and then I got to know about I-Medita from the students who had the opportunities to learn here and after I myself joined the institute I realised the gigantic difference between I-Medita and other institutes. The way the teacher available to help you and guide you makes all the difference. It was the most inspirational experience.

Question: Could you please brief us about the interview procedure, so that it could be helpful for other Networking aspirants?

Answer: Initially, one must focus entirely on the technical knowledge provided in the lectures once confident about the syllabus you can crack any interview.

Question: What helped you most to crack the interview and grab the offer?

Answer: of course getting the clear understanding of the networking concepts. Then the idea of how the interviews would be like gave me the confidence to appear for the interviews.

Question: How was the journey with I-Medita your experience please and for which course you have enrolled here?

Answer: it has been the most inspirational time. I realised that networking wasn’t as difficult as it seemed to be. I had enrolled for the CCNP course and thanks to Surendra sir, he made the course so easy to understand that now it appears like a piece of cake.

Question: What are the three things you liked about I-Medita’s Training?

Answer: The three things are:

  1. The availability of 24*7 labs
  2. Approachability of teachers
  3. Guidance with the interview

Question: Did you find that I-Medita training program helped you to mark your entry there?

Answer: Definitely, had it not been I-Medita I wouldn’t have had such amazing opportunities.

Question: How would you rate I-MEDITA’s training program on a scale of 10?

Answer: I would definitely go for a 10. I have met the most amazing faculty here.

Question: Any specific suggestion and message to individuals who wish to explore career opportunities in Networking Domain?

Answer: Networking domain provides a huge area of growth as far as career opportunities are concerned I believe one must never stop learning and growing.

Thank you very much Ankita, all the hard work get paid when we here such an amazing feedback and results from our students. We hope you have all the happiness and all the best for future endeavours.

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