Revealed: Benefits of CCNA Certification with TOP Job Profiles

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CCNA Certification: CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Certification is an Associate level certification which validates a candidate’s knowledge and skills to install, operate and troubleshoot the networks. CCNA Certification acts as prerequisites to some of the other Cisco certifications as well. This certification is a foundational step in the networking domain. The most popular CCNA certifications are CCNA Routing and Switching, CCNA Security, CCNA Collaboration and CCNA Service Provider. But there are many types of CCNA Certification.

Types of CCNA Certification: There are following nine types of CCNA certification and CCDA Design:


Benefits of CCNA Certification: CCNA Certification is an associate level global certification which allows you to enter in industries with proud and achieving foundational knowledge of Networking. The certification increases your strength over non-certification holders at not only on job profiles but also on your roles and responsibilities in an effective manner and makes you eligible for expert’s level certification too.

Here are the some of the benefits of being CCNA Certified for networking aspirants:

  1. Knowledge: The Certification increases your knowledge with a global Cisco Certification in networking and ensures your skills and education experience by theoretical as well as by the practical understanding of a subject. Knowledge helps to grab a job whereas Certifications gives you an advantage.
  2. Growth in Career: The CCNA Certification brings the upward growth in one’s career. The blown in the career can be experienced with the new set of technologies and up gradation in the person’s skills.
  3. Increment in Salary: The better qualification gives you better profiles at the better package, therefore a candidate with CCNA Certification always has better opportunities over non-certification holders.
  4. A route to Success: CCNA Certification can be the route to success as it has tons of benefits also it acts as prerequisites to many of the associate level certifications.
  5. Satisfaction: Satisfaction comes with the growth rate in career and salary, and the CCNA Certification provides you with the both of them.
  6. Company Growth: An individual growth in a company is the growth of the company. The certified holder can increases the productivity of technology effectively and take the company to the next level.
  7. Respect: A global Cisco CCNA Certified is a valuable certification and obviously provides respect to the candidate and the company always respect such persons who bring growth to the business.
  8. Promotion: A candidate having CCNA Certification can earn its promotion easily compared to the non-certification holders.

Benefits of CCNA Certification

Job Profiles You Get after CCNA Certification: The following are the top CCNA job Profiles you get after completing your CCNA Certification:

  1. System Engineers (Computer Networking/ IT)

Key skills:

  • Network Management/Administration
  • Windows NT/XP/7 Networking
  • Cisco Networking
  1. Technical Support Engineer

Key skills:

  • Windows OS
  • Network Support
  • Microsoft office
  • Trouble Shooting
  1. Desktop / Network Support Engineer

Key skills:

  • System Trouble Shooting
  • Basic Cisco Networking
  • Windows OS
  • Help Desk
  1. Network Administrator

Key skills:

  • Network Management/Administration
  • Cisco CCNA Networking
  • Windows OS Networking
  • Basic Linux and Operating System
  1. Network Engineers

Key skills:

  • Cisco Networking
  • Routing and Switching
  • Network Support
  • Network Management
  1. Network Security Associate

Key skills:

  • Cisco Routing and Switching
  • System Firewall Configuration
  • CCNA Security
  • IPS/ IDS Basics
  1. Other Job roles: It includes some related jobs which require the skill set of CCNA in the different domain which consists Routing and Switching, Security and etc.

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