Success Story- Ms. Thanseeha PA College of Engineering, Mangalore

by | Nov 6, 2016 | Success Stories | 2 comments

Hi, I am Thanseeha here, let’s switch back to 2014: Engineering 2nd year: ISE Department PA College of Engineering, Mangalore, Karnataka. The Girl who was waiting for an opportunity to change her life. And one fine day one of my professors informed me that there is a National Level Networking Workshop in Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management, Mangalore and for me, the workshop was something new but made my mind go, and it was one of the best experience for me. After some days I got call from I-Medita team and asked me to become a coordinator from my college and help students with various kinds of technical Workshops?? I was excited and took the opportunity, I spoke to my lectures and principal for conducting the similar event in our college and they supported me to go ahead. Hence, coordinated a workshop in the 3rd year of engineering. There were more than 100 students who attended the program, this gave me confidence, improved my organization skill, teamwork, my patience level, communication skill and technical knowledge.

Later in college, i organized so many programs. After someday I applied for Campus Ambassador and based on the telephonic interview I got selected. I was provided with a lot of New Learning and Earning Opportunities. I was also provided with may Certificates and Stipend for assisting every workshop.

kathijath-thanseeha-imedita-campus-ambassador-ica-mangalore-pa-college Being a Campus Ambassador I took responsibility of conducting 7days PROJECT BASED INTERNSHIP PROGRAM in Android app Development, This benefited me a lot. During 7 days internship programs at our college. Juniors were asked to coordinate the workshop. Later HOD called me personally and Mentioned You have conducted the past workshops very well and smooth. So she asked me to guide the juniors to conduct workshop In the best way that was one Among the wonderful moments of my life.

I completed my engineering. Time to quote myself has an engineer now with a good job offers from the company.

I-Medita Team also provided me a chance to work as a Zonal representative from Mangalore. I took the initiative and decided to do my best once again. Meanwhile, I followed my dreams to be an entrepreneur and started the first step to do business in my own city. The experienced I have gained from I-Medita is helping me a lot in my startup.

All thanks to I-Medita Team for providing me this opportunity and helping me in improving my soft skills. Special thanks to Anurag Sir, Akash sir, Deepanshu sir, Debashis sir and Deepak Sir.


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