How to Select Best CCIE Institute for Training

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5 Strategies to consider while selecting CCIE Training Institute

Choosing our career path is one of the most important decisions of our life. Selecting the right institute to train from for it is all the more difficult, and we all hate making wrong choices. So, if you are looking for any Networking Institute in India and that too for CCIE Training, let us make your work a little easy.

We would like to recommend you these 5 below strategies which will help you in making your decision easy.

  1. Trainers and Feedback

CCIE is one of the most difficult certification in this world which eventually gives the perk of a high salary and designation. What is the best way to learn than from the experienced? Learn from the Cisco Certified CCIE Trainers only. They have the experience of passing this examination and training students on how to do so. They will help you understand the crack/tips to clear the examination and earn this prestigious Cisco certification. They will train on what is important and what is not. Their sole purpose would be to get you acquainted with the enough knowledge of CCIE to get the Certification. Speak to their students who have been trained by them and take the feedback about the training.

certified ccie trainers

  1. Labs and Equipment’s

Everyone doing Networking understands how important the lab trainings are – the right lab training specially. You will be required to spend at least 5-6 hours a day practicing in labs. So, choose an Institute of your choice but make sure it has the Lab – the Cisco Training Lab with all the latest CCIE Routers, switches and other devices. There is no point in doing hands-on on the previous version of CCIE devices. You need to prepare yourself what you need to examine for. Look for the following things.

  • Enough racks of routers and switches to practice on without wasting any time.
  • Latest Cisco Devices for the CCIE Training you have applied for. You cannot pass the examination by practicing on CCNA and CCNP devices.

cisco training labs at imedita pune

  1. Study Material

Attending the lecture from the certified trainers is a brilliant, but one does needs some written material to take the reference from. Before finalizing any Institute, do make sure they provide you with proper study materials for CCIE Training like Official Cisco Press Books (This is Recommended ) E-books, Practice Questions, Latest CCIE Books, and Interview Questions handbook, Classroom Notes, Videos, CCIE Lab preparation documents and other related material.

cisco official books

  1. 24*7 Lab Access and Guidance

Numerous and updated devices are not the only things you need to search for. Make sure the labs with all the devices are available when you need them. 24*7 accessibility is very important as there will be many students already busy practicing. You need yourself a rack without any interference and disturbance to learn from and concentrate on. This will help you in being flexible with the lab practice timings.


Also, all time availability of the Lab Instructor is also very important, so you have the option to run to someone in case of doubts. Someone who can guide you through all the lab sessions and make sure you are doing the right thing.

  1. Post Training Support

The last point to consider before finalizing the Institute is to ask if post training support is provided or not. It is essential that someone can guide you through your doubts even after the training. CCIE training demands lots of dedication and hard work. One must need to practice for months to go for the first attempt at CCIE. If your training is over and after 2 weeks you got some glitch in your code while practicing. Who would you take the help from? So, make sure you are provided with this support even through Video Calls, Calls, Messages, Email, etc.

Do let us know what you feel after reading this article, share your views in the below here in the comments. imedita cisco training institute


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