26 point CCIE Preparation Checklist you must use before the exam

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CCIE stands for Cisco certified Internetwork Expert. It is the highest level Examination of Cisco Domains. CCIE Certification Experts are known to have its worth and demand across IT Organizations. Having its own sheer recognition and utter valuation, it is a challenging task to clear its examination and earn this certification. CCIE Preparation is a journey in itself.

The process of earning CCIE Certification involves two examinations.

  1. Written Examination

It is a two-hour long examination consisting 90 to 110 questions for each domain.

  1. Practical Examination

It is an eight-hour long examination which examines the candidates on his/her troubleshooting, configuration and other logistics to work under time test situations.

Here is the list of all CCIE Certification with its Exam Number, Name, Duration and Fees.

Certification Exam Number Exam Name Duration Fees (USD) Per Attempt
R&S 400-101 CCIE R&S Written Exam 120 Minutes (90 – 110 questions) 400
Lab CCIE R&S Lab Exam 8 Hours 1600
Collaboration 400-051 CCIE Collaboration CCIE Collaboration Written Exam 120 Minutes (90 – 110 questions) 400
Lab CCIE Collaboration Lab Exam 8 Hours 1600
Data Center 400-151 CCIE Data Center Written Exam 120 Minutes (90 – 110 questions) 400
Lab Lab Exam 8 Hours 1600
Security 400-251 Written Exam CCIE Security Written Exam 120 Minutes (90 – 110 questions) 400
Lab Lab Exam v5.0 8 Hours 1600
Service Provider 400-201 CCIE SP CCIE Service Provider Written Exam 120 Minutes (90 – 110 questions) 400
Lab Lab Exam v4.0 8 Hours 1600
Wireless 400-351 CCIE Wireless CCIE Wireless Written Exam 120 Minutes (90 – 110 questions) 400
Lab CCIE Wireless Lab Exam 8 Hours 1600

We have previously discussed “Dos and Don’ts of passing CCIE”, “6 Things you should consider to clear Cisco CCIE lab Examination” and “How to Pass CCIE | 10 Tips to clear CCIE in First Attempt”.

Here, we have bought the Checklist for CCIE Preparation for you. This checklist will help you mark all the tips, dos and don’ts and other important things for passing the CCIE.

This could be your underlying guide towards your CCIE journey, is preparation and will help you check all the important points.

CheckBox I-MeditaTraining Institute: Cisco Training Institutes play a vital role in the journey of any CCIE Aspirants. The Institute helps the candidate find the right trainer, labs, guidance, study material and much more. So, choose your training Institute wisely.

CheckBox I-MeditaSet up a learning Environment: Cisco CCIE journey requires a lot of time, effort and money so you cannot afford any distractions on the ways. Surround yourself with the people who are in the same domain. This will help you grow your thoughts, learning process and will keep on motivating you.

CheckBox I-MeditaLearn from Cisco Certified Trainers: Their experience, journey, and tips will help you with this journey. They know the dos and don’ts for this examination, the tips to crack this examination and the precise knowledge required. These Cisco Certified Trainers will help you see the path you need to step on.

CheckBox I-MeditaRigorous Lab Practice: Attempting CCIE Examination without meticulous Lab Practice is a futile pursuit towards CCIE Certification. It is an impossible quest to earn this prestigious certification with this practice. CCIE demands rigorous Lab Sessions with pertinent motivation.

CheckBox I-MeditaBe Updated with Recent Information: Cisco Keeps on updating its trainings and versions with new updated and technologies. Hence, it is highly critical to keep yourself updated on what is going on in networking world by Cisco Blogs, Websites, Forums, News, and Social Media.

CheckBox I-MeditaClear Concepts: CCIE Certifications cannot be earned without having absolute understanding of all the consisting concepts. CCIE Examination questions are complex and tricky to clear off making it relevant to know all the concepts inside out.

CheckBox I-MeditaUnderstanding Current Topologies: There are many topologies in all the CCIE Domains. Learning all is not a walk in the park but it would be favorable if you understand all the current topologies. Who knows as luck would have it it is might come into your examination.

CheckBox I-MeditaStrong Troubleshooting Skills: As previously stated, it is impossible to clear Cisco CCIE Examination without rigorous lab sessions. It is because strong troubleshooting skills are what is judged in this 8 hours long Lab Examination.

CheckBox I-MeditaDon’t rely on single book: Networking has changed the phase of the earth by its impact proving how massive it could be. Covering in it all in one book is highly impractical. Thus, it is suggested to CCIEs too to not read from one book rather allow themselves to do some of your own research.

Side Note: Popular CCIE Books Recommended by Experts

CheckBox I-MeditaFollow CCIE Blogs

CCIE Blogs are one of the platforms which can help you in keeping yourself updated on latest news, versions, techniques and concepts for CCIE Examination.

Side Note: Few Popular CCIE Blogs are mentioned here:

  1. https://ccieblog.co.uk/
  2. https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/blogs/

CheckBox I-MeditaPre-Examination: It is suggested to examine yourself while doing your CCIE Preparation. Pre-Examinations will help you judge yourself and mark yourself on how much have you come across and much you need to move forwards towards CCIE learning.

CheckBox I-MeditaOutline your weak areas: After pre-examinations, make a list of your weak areas and work on them. Study hard till you get it and eliminate them one by one.

CheckBox I-MeditaBrain Dumps: There are no such things as Brain Dumps for CCIE Examination. DON’T LOOK FOR IT. The only tricks to pass CCIEs are sheer hard work, meticulous effort, and absolute determination.

CheckBox I-MeditaTime Management: Time Management is one of the important aspects to keep in your mind while attempting CCIE Examination. Don’t stick to one question rather divide it accordingly in bot Written and Lab Examination.

CheckBox I-MeditaTyping Speed: Work on your typing speed before the examination. This will save your time while writing configurations at the time of examination.

CheckBox I-MeditaOpen Book Examination: CCIE Examinations are open book examination. This means that you are allowed of surfing web at the time of examination. Before going for the examination, visit Cisco Website thoroughly. This will help you know what all content (configurations) are available on web so that you can copy paste it if it comes in the examination saving your time.

CheckBox I-MeditaPractice on Desktop: While having your practice lab sessions, do your practice on desktops rather laptops as you will be given Desktops at the time of Examination. This will help you get familiar with the device.

CheckBox I-MeditaListen to the Proctor: At the time of your examination, list to your proctor carefully. His instruction will help you out in the examination without wasting your time.

Hope this checklist helps you in your CCIE Preparation. All the Best!

If you would like to add any point, mention it in the comment section.

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