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CCIE Overview

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert(CCIE) is the highest level certification of Networking by Cisco Systems. It is one of the most prestigious and renowned certification. Experts with CCIE certification are said to be the finest Networkers .There are at maximum 25000 ACTIVE CCIEs [Who’s Certificate is not Expired or they have renewed] and 54,000 [including all CCIE] only in this world. Being one of the toughest certification, it gives high reputed designations, a good figure salary, and other perks.

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Scope of CCIE

In Companies

This Industry Leading Networking Certification is one of the most popular and demanded certifications out there. Networkers with this certification are automatically said to be fit for most of the Networking Positions, while few others don’t have to go through much. IT Giants like, Cisco Systems Inc, HCL Technologies Ltd., Accenture, British Telecom, Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Juniper Networks, Inc., Orange Business Services, Aricent Inc, Vodafone, Wipro Technologies Ltd., Fidelity National Information Services (fnis), Dimension Data, Microland, Hewlett-Packard Company, L & T Infotech Ltd, Synechron Technologies, Cisco Systems (India) Private Limited, Virtela Communications Inc., and many more offer distinguished designations to these Networkers with high ended salaries. Some figures offered by these companies in India are:

Cisco Systems Inc Rs 5,93,917 – Rs 35,07,985
HCL Technologies Ltd. Rs 6,00,000
Accenture Rs 3,50,000
British Telecom Rs 10,27,237
Juniper Networks, Inc. Rs 17,75,000
Orange Business Services Rs 9,00,000
Aricent Inc Rs 10,00,000
Vodafone Rs 15,80,000
Wipro Technologies Ltd. Rs 12,00,000
Fidelity National Information Services (fnis) Rs 13,00,000
Dimension Data Rs 11,00,000
Microland Rs 16,75,000
Hewlett-Packard Company Rs 16,00,000
L & T Infotech Ltd Rs 4,20,000
Synechron Technologies Rs 6,17,942
Cisco Systems (India) Private Limited Rs 11,53,653
Virtela Communications Inc. Rs 7,00,000

The Salary and Designations offered by these Companies are based on both skills and certifications of the aspirants. Salary of every domain on every level differs from one another. Like Certifications, there is a hierarchy in Networking Jobs as well that is followed.

Job National Salary Data 
Network Engineer Rs 5,05,624
Sr. Network Engineer Rs 10,19,477
Network Security Engineer Rs 4,00,000
Network Specialist Rs 6,80,000
Information Technology (IT) Consultant Rs 14,50,000
Senior Technical Consultant Rs 14,15,526
Technical Subject Matter Expert Rs 14,48,276

By Skills and Specialties

As above stated, the certifications are not the only thing to get reputed jobs. One must have skills in their domain or they need to develop them. The aspirants can choose their career path from those skills and can see their career grow with the hard work and dedication. These skills and networking domains are dependent on each other. Aspirants can’t have one without the other.

In India, maximum Networkers are skilled in Cisco Networking, i.e. the basics of all domains is Routing and Switching. After R&S, the large group of people is into Network Management / Administration and the list goes down to IP Network, Switches & Firewall Installation and Administration, Network Security Management and Network Support.

By Profiles

With the different Domains in CCIE, the aspirant can have different jobs in many fields according to their skill sets, for example, R&S aspirants can go for troubleshooting job while Security has the option for Network Security. Every aspirant has many options to choose from. The salary for these CCIEs or other Networkers is been decided on their skillset and experience. Some of the job designations with their respective salary are as follows.

Job National Salary Data 
Network Engineer Rs 5,05,624
Sr. Network Engineer Rs 1,019,477
Network Security Engineer Rs 4,00,000
Network Specialist Rs 6,80,000
Information Technology (IT) Consultant Rs 14,50,000
Senior Technical Consultant Rs 14,15,526
Technical Subject Matter Expert Rs 14,48,276

Academic Qualifications

Candidates from any domain can move into networking domain. Graduates from all the domains like, B.Tech., B.A., B.Com, etc. can make their career in this technology and achieve wonders. All they need to do is get trained for CCIE, give 2 hours written test and pass in it and then final examination of 8 hours Lab.

Though not much qualification is required, but clearing CCIE Examinations is a challenge in itself. Years of discipline, hard work, consistency, and patience is required to get this certification. The right training is of the utmost importance.

Journey for CCIE and Growth Opportunities

Anyone with the interest in Networking can go for CCIE Certification. There are no formal prerequisites for this certification but one must have in-depth knowledge and skills as per CCIE Standard to pass through this examination.

There is a lot of scope in CCIE for both freshers and experienced people. A fresher with no experience and CCIE certification can get a minimum of 3, 60,000 LPA while there is a huge gap with the salary of a CCIE with past 3 years of Networking Experience.

Do note that the worth of CCIE Certification is more when the aspirants have at least 3 years of working experience in Networking Domain.

Years of Experience National Salary Data (Minimum)
Less than 1 year Rs 3,60,000
1-4 years Rs 4,62,994
5-9 years Rs 9,76,389
10-19 years Rs 19,55,682
20 years or more Rs 36,00,000


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