2 Day Cisco Networking Workshop at Pillay College Panvel

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Knowledge is the only thing that multiplies when shared.– Anon

Life is a journey, a journey of constant learning. Learning when made fun can even make the dullest of minds the brightest. Sadly, in today’s world everything comes with a cost; even knowledge. The sad truth about the world we live in is that knowledge comes with a price tag; a tag so costly that many cannot afford this basic necessity for a healthy living. Someone wisely said that every step a person takes, takes you a little closer to your goal, however small that step is. Such view and values are always kept in mind when I-Medita goes on floor with any workshop inside the colleges it is entrusted with.

Recently on October 26, 2015 I-Medita shook hands with Pillai’s Polytechnic, Panvel with a two (2) days workshop to help the ever growing and enthusiastic young brains to learn the basics of CCNA Routing and Switching(Designing, configuration, troubleshooting of networks). The workshop was coordinated by Rajeshri Aneesh (HOD) and Archana Arudkar. The seminar hall was appointed as the temple of wisdom where all the eighty nine (89) students were seated well equipped with their stationaries after the exchange of warm pleasantries by Head of Department. Planning a workshop is not a cake-walk unless there a backup. Mr Himalaya Leekah conducted the workshop as the eagle in the sky that ensured that everything was as per the requirement. A huge set-up for 89 students is not an easy task even for teachers unless the students pitch in for help. With Omkar Deshmuk, Aileen Jacob, Utsav Patel, Rukhsar Kazi and Jayant Shah backing the arrangement and ensuring everything went smoothly, the workshop was bound to be a success.

DAY 1 (Basic Theory):

The workshop started at 9 AM as scheduled. The young enthusiastic students reached the hall long an hour prior to the start of the workshop. The student coordinators bustling with energy verified and took in new entries and arranged the morning pleasantries. Soon the students were seated. With the small conversations between the students from different colleges, all was good to go. The senior Corporate Trainer started with the real time examples behind networking. With the basics ranging from types of networks to the topologies, from OSI Ref model to TCP/IP model, from the routers to the fast Ethernet cable the first half of the day went with constant questions, answers and light jokes.

Cisco Networking Workshop

Later the Part 2 of day 1 started with the basics of IPv4, IPv6, sub-netting and masking. After a while, the snacks were distributed. Since one does not learn any topic until one practice on their own, CD’s, study related videos and handy notes are always kept ready at I-Medita.


The next morning might have been the last day of the workshop but was the most awaited one. The students were guided and seated in the computer lab. Both Senior Trainer and Co-Trainer helping the students getting acquainted with the set-up of the programs, the student coordinators helped the students with other doubts. With the projector rolling and brains working the basic practical was complete and the young brains were ready to go for the final testing of their virtual setups. Students Learnt how to design their own networks, how real time networks are configured. Demonstrations were shown on real time Routers and Switches.

CCNA Workshop by i-medita

Soon with the practical over, it was exam time, a gateway into India’s Biggest Networking Championship Grand Finale. The exam then started with a simple problem. With all the students competing with each other, the fastest three were chosen. With certificates ready, the students were soon certified and attended a doubt clearing session.

Such is a page from I-Medita’s diary of successful workshops….


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