Cisco Networking Workshop at I-Medita, Gurgaon

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8th May, 2016 was marked as a very special day in I-Medita’s calendar as a new step and a new beginning. I-Medita has always aimed at unique training programmes that are designed and customized as per the industry needs. I-Medita has always made a point that it focuses on the ask over personality development; such concrete are the stepping stones that prepare the students for the industry. I-Medita, for the very the first time organized a one-day workshop at its main Location in Gurgaon, with such ideas, this had to be a houseful workshop.

The workshop was kept as a quick learning and practice on ‘networking’. A total of 30 students from various colleges attended the workshop and had put their Sundays to a better use. The workshop started off with the importance of networking and why network engineers are needed. As anxious minds unravelled the mysteries behind networking, the trainer slowly moved on from teaching the basics to the various layers and protocols of a networking architecture. The students sure didn’t seem regretting their Sunday. The training methodology as always was unique. Proper appropriate skills that focus on students understanding power and helps them to employ their knowledge to a practical and personality development of the individuals was all also stressed on. The various topics that were discussed were:

  • Networking Fundamentals.
  • Various protocols and networking layers
  • CCNA Routing
  • Designing of a small network on Cisco Packet Tracer.
  • Practical Aspects of Cisco Networking.
  • How Networking works in Companies like Airtel, Vodafone, Aricent, Orange etc.
  • Roles of Network Engineers.

networking workshop at imedita

The workshop focused more on the basics as a strong base is foundation of a strong mind. The students also were indulged in a practical session of ask they had learnt in theory. Such is the beginning of a new road in the coming days of I-Medita’s success path.

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