First Time in India: One Day Workshop on Big-IP Local Traffic Management

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Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

I-Medita always aims at providing out of box learning opportunities to its students. For the first time in India, One Day Workshop on Big IP—Local Traffic Management was organized by Industry experts where they shared deep practical insights about F5, its installation, and usage in the industries. More than 35 working professionals took an initiative to invest their Sunday and enrolled for the workshop.

Date and Venue:

The workshop was held on the 7th of May at I-Medita, Pune.

Workshop Delivered By:

Mr. Saurabh Yadav – CCIE Routing and Switching #46962 and Mr. Shiv Kumar – Expert in F5 load balancers took this workshop.

You may be looking for F5 Big-IP Local Traffic Management Bootcamp/Classroom Training.

Workshop Overview:

The training team had agreed on the important topics which constitute to be the backbone of the workshop. They had planned a complete exposure with crucial information about F5 Big-IP Local Traffic Management with these topics. The topics that were decided by the team are:

  • Installation and Licensing.
  • Virtual Servers, Pools and Load balancing of the same.
  • Various Profiles.
  • iRules and Persistence regarding the same.
  • Health Monitors.
  • SSL Termination and Certificate Management.
  • System Configuration of the highly available redundant system.
  • SNMP and Logging.
  • BIG-IP Admin Topics such as
    • CMP (Multiprocessing)
    • VLAN Management
    • Administrative Domains
  • Introduction to v12 feature.
The F5 Big-IP Local Traffic Management Workshop:

The F5 Big-IP Local Traffic Management workshop was started by Mr. Saurabh by welcoming the participants, introducing them to the trainers, and establishing the ground rules. He then went on with the first session on the concept of BIG-IP, how F5 is used in industries, its applications, Installation and Licensing Virtual Servers, Pools and Load balancing of the same. Beginning with a simple introduction to the mentioned topics in brief.

The session established the definition of the term BIG-IP and the main sub-topics related to the same. Various aspects of BIG-IP LTM were discussed. This started with the simple rules and protocols that once has to be mandatorily followed while working with its systems. This established the grounds for how the servers experience heavy traffic and the need to deal with the traffic. Load balancing was then introduced as a mandatory aspect that is very necessary to be understood. Mr. Shiv Kumar, very effortlessly, introduced the different rules, protocols and the networks that one might come across while working with such systems and the necessity to properly manage them.

After the lunch break, Mr. Shiv presented the basic elements of F5 Load Balancing and asked the participants to go ahead with their understanding of the same. The participants then presented their thoughts and contributed their comments on each of the topics. International norms and standards on Load balancing in an F5 Network were then discussed using modified versions of the powerpoint presentations that the trainers had prepared.

At this point, the participants, eager to strategize and plan, started emphasizing on the practical aspects and the need. They were allowed ample time for discussing strategies and planning before the discussion of the final topics. The trainers emphasized on the BIG-IP LTM Admin system and the important subsystems. These systems were then discussed in detail with respect to load balancing and the aspects which play a very important role. The participants were introduced to V12 as the concluding topic of the day.

Certificates of participation were then awarded to each of the participants after an interesting practical session towards the approach to a very complicated topic. The training workshop was closed by Mr. Saurabh and Mr. Shiv at 6 PM making it a day full of learning.


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