Summary Report-FDP at Sanjivani Group of Institutes, Maharashtra

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Summary Report on


A Faculty Enrichment Program conducted for


During 9-12 December 2014.

What is Unique about Faculty Enrichment Training Program?

As we move forward, our roles will become even more exciting and challenging; this requires us to pause, reflect, share, learn and rejuvenate from time to time. This program offers one such opportunity – it shall help faculties come together to reflect, learn and share certain critical precepts and practices related to teaching-learning.

Most of the faculties very well know what to teach and very few know how to teach (Teaching Learning Methods). As educational leaders we focus on facilitating a transformational learning process for all our students. This means going beyond the routine classroom practices to evolve as innovative and inspiring Thought Leaders guiding students to reach great heights in their career and life. This fun-rich two days’ program is an attempt to bring us all together to critically examine and explore certain contemporary ideas to make teaching-learning process more effective and enjoyable.

Two Days Faculty Enrichment Training Program was organized at Sanjivaji Group of Institutes i.e Engineering College and Polytechnic College dated 9-10 December and 11-12 December respectively.

FDP Training by imedita at sanjivani College of engineering

What happened during two Days Program?

Well, the Faculty Enrichment Program “Towards Excellence” has culminated on a happy and positive note for the Faculty Members of Engineering and Polytechnic Colleges under SANJIVANI GROUP OF INSTITUTES. We entered SANJIVANI with the fond hope that together we can explore the possibilities of making teaching-learning process enjoyable and effective for the student-community.

FDP Training by imedita at sanjivani kbp polytechnic college

The two days’ for the two batches took us on a journey of investigation and introspection: we explored along with the faculty members a range of teaching-learning precepts and practices; we critically examined Adult Learning Principles, Multiple Intelligences Theory and teaching-learning approaches (C-S vs C-T-S) tools & methods (Bingo Sheet, Lesson Plan Template etc.,) ; we discussed issues and attempted to arrive at solutions; when solutions were collectively arrived at and placed, faculty members felt excited and motivated. The intense engagement integrated our efforts and brought us closer to each other; more importantly, this training engagement brought us closer to the learners and their world.

Towards Excellence: A Snapshot of the program The following table presents details about certain activities/concepts/Key points covered during the 2 day program

Activities/Concepts/Key Points Significance & Usefulness

Ice-breaker activity; learning teams are formed. Made participants reflect on how often they get out of their comfort zone; helped them realize the need “to get out” to constantly have new and enriching experiences; this is critical to upgrade ourselves as Professionals and individuals.

ERLA Success Wheel

Helped participants realize the importance and effective use of Experience-Reflection-Learning–Application (ERLA) cycle to enrich personal and professional lives.

Learning happens when it is safe, easy & fun

Participants reflected on whether their teaching-learning process creates a conducive climate for happy learning; they re-examined their stance as preceptors. They also started exploring ways of making their teaching process safe, easy and fun.

C-S Vs C-T-S

Participants realized the importance helping the student engaging with content directly (C-S) They also learned many ways of doing this. They realized that this C-S approach (C-S-T) is more effective that Content- Teacher-Student approach, where teacher conveys the entire content.

Adult Learning Principles

Helped participants understand how adults learn and therefore how they have to tweak their teaching process to suit the learning preferences of adult learners.

Multiple Intelligence’s Theory and its application in the classroom

Made participants learn about the 8 different intelligence’s and realize the need to use MI Theory effectively to help students connect with subject contents.

Demo Types

Participants learned about the 3 types of Demo: Pure, Demo with explanation & Participatory Demo

“Drop the Victim T-shirt!”

This helped participants to come out of pains and take the first step towards developing a winner’s mind- set.

7 Habits

Helped participants learn about the 7 Habits advocated by Stephen Covey to become a star performer in personal and professional lives.

5 E’s & 5 C’s of Leadership

Participants reflected on how they demonstrate leadership in classrooms and elsewhere; they focused on how to build “Brand Me” contributing to student- community, their respective departments and also to Sanjivani Group as a whole. This critical input also helped faculty members to pick up some relationship- techniques/approaches to build a positive and lasting relationship with learners.

Grouping Techniques

Participants learned grouping techniques (using cards, names of concepts etc.,) for effective learning and classroom management.

Warm-up/Recall games & Energizers

Participants realized the importance of helping students do effective recalling; they also learnt how to use action songs/ energizers effectively to teach concepts effectively make the classroom experience lively. They also learnt about how Bingo Sheets can be effectively used for recap, summary, learner-assessment etc.

Lesson Plan Template

Many participants felt that this was the most useful learning from the program. This helped participants to have a standard format for their session to ensure that there are spaces for warm-up, overview, content units covered in 2-3-5 units with learning activities followed by summary, recap and connect-time with learners.

Action Plan for different Departments

Participants realized the need to come together as Departments and plan for continuous individual and institutional improvement.


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