Fortinet Firewall Lab Workbook- Secure Your Network with FortiGate Firewall

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Fortinet is an American Multinational Company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. It develops and markets cybersecurity products and appliances like anti-virus, firewalls and endpoint security. Brothers Ken and Micheal Xie founded the company in the year 2000. FortiGate is the first product launched by FortiGate. By 2009, FortiGate raised a funding of $90 million. By 2009, Fortinet raised over $156 million by going public.

We have prepared an exclusive Fortinet Firewall Lab Workbook for network security aspirants who want to master how to secure the network with Fortinet FortiGate Firewall. In this post we have discussed about the same but before that let us have a look at Fortinet Certifications.

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Overview of Fortinet Certifications

To operate, manage, and troubleshoot Fortinet devices, Fortinet introduced a training called Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) Program. This program is for educating the organization’s stakeholders and employees to respond appropriately to challenges and evolve Fortinet Networks. 

Here is the list of Fortinet Firewall Certifications

NSE 1 – Network Security Associate

NSE 2 – Network Security Associate

NSE 3 – Sales Training

NSE 4 – Network Security Professional

NSE 5 – Network Security Analyst

NSE 6 – Network Security Specialist

NSE 7 – Network Security Architect

NSE 8 – Network Security Expert

Why I-MEDITA FORTINET Firewall Lab Workbook?

  • The author of this book Mr. Baldev Singh-CCIE Security # 37094, is a highly experienced Senior Network Security Technical Instructor and Corporate Trainer with 10+ years experience. He has great knowledge of various IT Certification Vendors including Cisco, Fortinet, Palo Alto, and Microsoft. He has also written other books including Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA), Palo Alto Firewall Advanced Lab Guide, How to Secure youe network with Cisco IOS VPN AIO, and CCNA Routing and Switching.
  • FORTINET Firewall LAB Workbook is a comprehensive guide consisting of total 31 Lab Exercises from Fortigate Basics to all IPv4 and IPv6 Lab Exercises.
  • This Lab Workbook will make you independent and help you to perfect Lab Work and FortiGate enviroment implementations.

The Fortinet Firewall Lab Workbook consists of total 31 lab Exercises divided into Part 1 and Part 2:

Part 1: 

Lab 1: Fortigate Basics
Lab 2: Fortigate IPv4 Static Default Routing
Lab 3: Fortigate IPv4 RIP
Lab 4: Fortigate IPv4 OSPF
Lab 5: Fortigate IPv4 IS-IS
Lab 6: Fortigate IPv4 BGP
Lab 7: Fortigate IPv4 Link Monitoring
Lab 8: Fortigate IPv4 Traffic Forwarding From One Zone to Another Zone
Lab 9: Fortigate IPv4 User Authentication
Lab 10: Fortigate IPv4 Network Address Translation
Lab 11: Fortigate IPv6 Static Default Routing
Lab 12: Fortigate IPv6 RIPng
Lab 13: Fortigate IPv6 OSPFv3

Part 2: 

Lab 14: Fortigate IPv6 IS-ISv6
Lab 15: Fortigate IPv6 BGPv6
Lab 16: Fortigate IPv6 Link-Monitoring
Lab 17: Fortigate IPv6 Traffic Forwarding From One Zone to Another Zone
Lab 18: Fortigate IPv6 User Group Authentication
Lab 19: Fortigate IPv6 Network Address Translation
Lab 20: Fortigate IPv4 Site-Site VPN IKE-1
Lab 21: Fortigate IPv4 Site-Site VPN IKE-2
Lab 22: Fortigate IPv4 Transparent Firewall
Lab 23: Fortigate IPv4 Transparent Firewall Site-Site VPN
Lab 24: Fortigate IPv6 Transparent Firewall
Lab 25: Fortigate IPv4 HA Active-Passive
Lab 26: Fortigate IPv4 HA Active-Active
Lab 27: Fortigate IPv6 HA Active-Passive
Lab 28: Fortigate IPv6 HA Active-Active
Lab 29: Fortigate IPv4 Server Load Balancing
Lab 30: Fortigate IPv6 Server Load Balancing
Lab 31: Fortigate IPv4 VRRP

To complete the Fortinet Certifications Levels you could take up Fortinet Training which will help you ace the theoretical part of it.

This I-Medita Fortinet Firewall Lab Workbook will make you a master of the Networking Domain especially while handling Fortinet Devices.


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