Myth Explained – Is Getting a good job without good experience is not easy!

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I am not able to get a good job! Companies are asking for experience from a fresher student, how do I get an experience letter? Should I fake it?

This is one of the biggest myth prevailing in India which is similar to the universal myth of what came first, egg or a hen?

How can a fresher student produce an experience letter to get a job! Read it again, fresher student and producing experience letter! Tough situation, ahh!

Let me help you solve this myth! I have interviewed more than 5,000 candidates till now, hired people from office boy to top level executives for the company. I have done bad hirings, good hirings, best hirings in my days as HR. I have said this sentence, “sorry you are not experienced enough” “sorry your resume did not qualify, we were looking for experienced person” in 100 different ways to 1000s of them.

Let’s try to understand a situation here in order to get the answer yourself! Lets look at it from an Employer’s perspective:

You are an employer. You have a very good sweets shop, up and running from 2 years and giving you a good income. You want to start a new shop 10kms away from the current shop and want to enjoy more business in just 6 months. What would you have to do? What is your first challenge? Who would run that shop!

Options you have: Either finds an experienced person, train him for a week and let him take care of your business, or find a new person and train him for months and in meanwhile sending a person from old shop to new location. Ultimately you need some “human” to run your shop and this human should be equally capable or at least tuned to your frequency.

Companies are similarly either trying to find people who can be easily trained or people who are already trained.

Now how do company’s judge that you are trainable or not? (taking only three points, however, I can write a book on same)

  • What extracurricular activities you did during your graduation? If you could never break a home-classroom-home schedule, you won’t be able to crack difficult problems that arise in any business house and companies don’t need 9-6 people, it’s a myth, they give them 9-6 options once they have proven themselves in hard times and check out with your seniors, they are working in odd hours since day 1 😉
  • How many initiatives did you take in last few years before your interview? If you never took the lead of anything or were a part of any activity with 100% of your responsibility, how do you expect a company to judge you by your resume and hire you to take care of their new sweets shop where new clients will come?

Would you let any fresher take care of your sweets shop?

  • How much you remember, how honest you are about yourself?

Many people write I love cooking in the resume and don’t know basics of cooking. Similarly as per your field, people write CCNA, CCNP, Android, Java, PhP, Big Data, Cloud computing, Internet of things, microprocessors, LabVIEW, CAD, Staadpro etc where they have just a classroom overview about it and zero deep knowledge. This shows that you are not honest about yourself!

Will you hire a person who only knows about 3 types of sweets for your sweets shop and that too not perfectly!

Kudos if you qualify in above three things, you are easily employable!

Lets come back to your sweets shop, What would you answer the person in case he does not match your criteria of employment?

“You are not experienced enough! I am looking for someone experienced!” You are actually not asking him to get a real experience but you are judging his experiences from what he did in his past and the speed at which he grew was a normal speed, high speed or he was sleeping all the time and he just woke up and simply ready to give his 100% now to your sweets shop. Sorry! If he was sleeping for himself, how can you expect him to be awake for you?

Wow! You don’t need him, and so does companies don’t need you. The myth is that it is a mere sentence which says, we need experienced people in reality companies need people who are passionate, initiative, responsible for themselves, well aware of surroundings and even 50% technical ;).

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