Success Story: Himalaya Leekha-NBN Sinhgad School of Engineering, Pune

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It gives me an immense pleasure to share my story with all my fellow students, interns & trainees. A story from being a simple engineering student to an Assistant Trainer at I-Medita Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd.; a story of transformation from a bookish world to practical based interactive world.

Hey folks!!

I am Himalaya Leekha from NBN Sinhgad School of Engineering, Pune. Presently, an entrepreneur who is trying to make his mark! I very well remember the journey I started with I-Medita. It started when my professor told me that they were planning to organize a national level workshop cum championship i.e. India’s Biggest Networking Championship in our college. He asked me eagerly if I wanted to take up the responsibility as a coordinator for this workshop. I responded with equal enthusiasm and said, “Yes sir, let’s do it”. I got in touch with I-Medita Team. Being completely fledging in the field of organizing a big event, I-Medita coordinators guided me from the scratch. I was explained in detail about the sequence in which the workshop was to be held and about the different technologies that we were going to be acquainted with. It’s been so long that I was a part of this workshop and yet I haven’t forgotten the ardent conversations I had with them.

To be honest, initially I was quite nervous because I did not have much knowledge about networking. But, I took this up as a challenge and coordinated and participated in this workshop – India`s one of the Biggest Networking Championship. After this workshop my level of interest in the field of networking culminated. In the beginning, I found the theoretical part quite boring, but later as we entered into the main part of the networking, things charged up and got us so involved that we discussed about the various networking protocols even during our breaks!

Though I couldn’t make to final round of the competition, I got another opportunity. My trainer asked me to assist him in his next networking workshop. I was totally shocked at first and confoundedly asked myself ‘why me’, ‘why am the one to be chosen’. Well, yes, I was extremely elated when this offer walked up to me but, still the “why me?” question kept hitting me at the back of my head.

At the end of the my first workshop which I assisted, I got to learn about my mistakes which I did as a student, which I could have done in a very simpler way but complicated it. I understood this one thing very clearly from my first experience that, when a student asks a doubt to a teacher, the teacher tries his level best by going to the level of understanding of the student to clear his doubt. After that workshop I got many opportunities to assist in number of workshops. Some of them are listed below:

List of workshops:

  • SKN Sinhgad College of Engineering, Vadgaon
  • Pillai Polytechnic College, New Panvel
  • Sanjivani College of Engineering, Kopargaon
  • MGM College of Engineering Nanded
  • SND College of Engineering, Nashik
  • K.L.N. College of Engineering, Hubli
  • Indira College of Engineering, Pune

himalaya-leekha-NBN Sinhad-imedita

With every new workshop I learned something new, something very interesting. It was fun working with them as it was a completely different experience as to how one teaches, explains the concepts, tackles the situation, clears the doubts, handles so many different students in a classroom and many more things which I if I sit to pen down would take around half a day to complete.

In one of the workshops, a student was having a very basic doubt and he was unable to understand the concept even after explaining it for literally 10 times. So the trainer said “Don’t worry. We will not move to the next concept until you understand it and I don’t mind even if I have to explain it a 100 times.”

I believe that the dedication towards to your profession is what you should carry in yourself, irrespective of whatever you do. Having worked with such knowledgeable and professional people, my respect for I-Medita Team and their values has reached the sky.

Traveling to new places, new colleges and interacting with different students, helping them clear their doubts, having nice rounds off interactive discussions is an integral part of this story. Every time when I was done and dusted with a workshop, I always got a recommendation letter, certificate, stipend and so many other benefits! These were the additional perks & and who doesn’t like perks!

With I-Medita’s help I got to learn more about Ethical Hacking as well. Members of I-Medita team always encouraged me not to bind myself to just one technology, but to enhance my knowledge to every new technical field. They always said “Learn something new, learn as much as u can, grab opportunities inside and outside of your classroom”. Hence, I did not stick to be an Assistant Trainer only, I worked as an Intern & Campus Ambassador also and learn something new again.

Oh, and yes, about the “why me?” question, I did find an answer to it. I walked up to my trainer one day and just blurted out in front of him- “Why did you choose me to assist you on your next workshop, sir?”. And to this he replied “haha. There is a different kind of spark in you.” 😉

My advice to all those who are novice to these technical fields but are extremely filled with curiosity in knowing about every new technology shaping around them- “One’s life is too short to learn everything, so never let that spark in you go down and keep learning as much as you can”.

I am really thankful to I-Medita Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd & Team for providing me this platform and I hope the story remains evergreen.


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