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Cisco Certifications are those established certifications providing the budding engineers a different horizon to forecast their capabilities and skills in a manner different from others, thereby giving the ‘cut-throat’ competition to the others by having recognition, in networking and internetworking avenues under IT domain.

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Cisco certification is thus, no exception. It has its headquarters in SAN FRANCISCO, thus, deriving its name from the city in the state of California. Its certification has global recognition in the IT domain. The courses involved under Cisco Certifications specialises an individual under various tracks in each of the aforesaid levels. That being said, the key areas are designing, security, data centre, networking, implementing, routing and switching, troubleshooting, configuring etc. Perhaps, the work expected shall be to solve the complex networking issues and thereby, supplementing with appropriate results & interpretations by providing legitimate solutions.

CISCO Certification is a 5 level certification program under the IT domain that is:

  1. Entry Level
  2. Associate Level
  3. Professional Level
  4. Expert level
  5. The Architect



Cisco Certification Internetwork Expert is the highest paid and the most prestigious certification of the IT domain. CCIE Certification is also known as “Doctorate in Networking” which is known to be the largest manufacturer of networking equipment.

CCIE aspiring candidates are required to clear 2 hours Written Examination and 8 hours rigorous Lab Examination. These examinations test the conceptual abilities, analytical thinking and fine skills to solve complex technical problems that is to implement, maintain and troubleshoot complex enterprise network infrastructures. Precisely, CCIE Professionals are expected to administer the network infrastructure by their varied skills and upgrade their skills year in and year out, as the certification is to be upgraded in every 3 years. This makes the certified holders familiar with changing dynamism in the practical field, thereby handling these sophisticated technologies with an ease.


Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert [CCIE] is the world’s most prestigious and renowned certification under the IT domain. CCIE Security Version 5 and CCIE Collaboration are definitely the top paying tracks of the CCIE certification. Considering fresher’s in this domain, certification tracks like CCIE Routing & Switching, CCIE Security, and CCIE Collaboration are especially designed and formulated for fresher’s which is a great start for their career under IT domain.

Following is the training path which a fresher, assuming with no knowledge and experience in the relative field:


It is an associate level Cisco Certification which serves as a pre-requisite to all other Cisco Certifications and lays the foundation of Networking Technologies. It is the first level of Certification followed by CCNP- Cisco Certified Network Professional.


CCNP as the name suggests, networking professional, is the certification specifically meant for IT Professionals. This is the second step of achieving the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Certification with almost 6 tracks available. Training in CCNP provides a sound knowledge about relative track , technologies and protocols used in the networking field.

cisco graph

Although, there are ‘NO’ formal or major pre-requisites required so as to become a CCIE Expert. It’s not at all mandatory to be a CCNA and CCNP Certification holder before attempting the CCIE examination. However, keeping the difficulty level in mind, it’s not only advisable but highly recommended to be the entry, associate, and professional certification holder before attempting for CCIE Certification as it clearing it in the first attempt gets easier. But if a person is not certified, he must have a 3-5 years job experience so as to understand and configure complex networking questions.


As mentioned, so as to be CCIE Expert one has to clear written and lab examination for the same. Following is the blueprint that describes the important headers that must be learned before attempting for the examination:

DOMAIN Written Exam (%) Lab Exam[%]
1.0 Perimeter Security and Intrusion Prevention 21% 23%
2.0 Advanced Threat Protection and Content Security 17% 19%
3.0 Secure Connectivity and Segmentation 17% 19%
4.0 Identity Management, Information Exchange, and Access Control 22% 24%
5.0 Infrastructure Security, Virtualization, and Automation 13% 15%
6.0 Evolving Technologies 10% N/A

CCIE certification being the most prestigious certification in the IT Domain , has 6 major tracks depending upon the prevailing demand for engineers of being specialists in their allotted tasks, these certification tracks help them to gain apt knowledge about the said track, as they will be availing training and shall examined for the same.

Following are the track description with examination codes:


Examination codes:

Basis Examination
Collaboration 400-051 CCIE
Wireless 400-351 CCIE
Routing and Switching 400-101 CCIE
Security 400-251 CCIE
Data Centre 400-151 CCIE
Service Provider 400-201 CCIE

Thus, its advisable to choose the track of one’s interest so as to successfully clear the attempt.


CCIE is the highest level certification being recognised and accepted globally in the IT domain since last 15 years. CCIE Security Version 5 and CCIE Routing & Switching V5 certification tracks of CCIE have always been the most demanded certification which provides hostile career options for the IT jargons in India.

CCIE Certification holders are accepted globally by top IT Giants. Following are some facts and figures describing the same:


Cisco Systems INC. 595,976-18,64,469
HCL Technologies ltd. 350,000-16,20,000
Orange Business Services 13,00,000
Juniper Networks INC. 20,00,000
Microland 15,00,000

Depending upon the certification status and track such as R&S/ Security/ Voice etc chosen by engineers following are the cities, that offer highest bracket of salary to Cisco engineers in India:

Banglore 35,00,000 2,50,000
Delhi/Gurgaon/ Noida 35,00,000 2,50,000
Mumbai / Pune 15,70,000 1,96,000
Hyderabad/ Chennai/kolkata 14,00,000 2,14,000


designations in networking

Network engineer 8,00,000 1,32,000
Sr. networking 18,50,000 2,72,000
Network Administrator 11,50,000 3,72,000
Network Security Engineer 22,00,000 3,32,000
Network Architect [ with 5 years & above experience] 40,00,000 13,00,000


As repeatedly mentioned in the entire article that CCIE Certification is the prestigious certification in the IT domain. But, what off late is noticed that, as on 15th Feb 2017, there were only 55,000 people with active CCIE certification in the world, whereas these number of certification holders are required in India alone. Imagine the job profiles and broadened horizons that this certification provides to a being in the IT domain. The point that should be noted that this certification is valid only up to 3 years one has to revalidate after every 3 years by following recertification processes. Thus, the demand for such networking professionals is increasing manifolds, success with these certifications shall always be on a high edge and never on diminishing edge.


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