Step by Step Guide: How to become Network Engineer

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A Network Engineer is one who monitor, designs, implements, supports, develops, maintains and in certain cases designs communication networks. They have a structured data communication components to configure them so, as to meet the daily corporate needs. Their primary focus is to construct a tangible and a high-performing networking LAN, WAN, Internet and Intranet components that require one to be apart from the crowd when it comes to skills with respect to network structuring and analysis.

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Expected duties from Network Engineer:

  • To establish networking environment thereby, designing system configuration; directing system installation; defining, documenting, and enforcing system standards.
  • To accomplish information systems and organization mission by completing the assigned task and interpreting related results as required.
  • To Secure network system thereby establishing and enforcing various policies that completely define systems and monitoring access or activation.
  • To Maximize network performance by monitoring performance; troubleshooting network problems and outages; scheduling upgrades; collaborating with network architects on network optimization.
  • Timely Reporting network operational status by gathering, prioritizing information and managing strategic reports and projects.
  • Accurate Updates with regards to job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations and raising opinions for the same.

Following are the skills that can be noticed in a network engineer:

  • Network Monitoring
  • Project Management
  • Problem Solving
  • LAN Knowledge
  • Proxy Servers
  • Networking Knowledge
  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Network Hardware Configuration, Network Performance Tuning
  • People Management/ Leadership quality

Thus, above mentioned are some basic qualities, duties, and responsibilities that a network engineer or aspirant network engineer must usher so, as to be a Networking Jargon of IT domain with access to hostile opportunities in national and international confrontations.

Career Path for owing a position of Network Engineer:

The primary educational qualification required for being recognized as the Network Engineer is the 3/4 year bachelor degree in computer science, IT, Network Administrator etc or any equivalent degree from any recognized institution will suffice,

After a bachelor’s program it’s advisable to opt for an IT Certification Training so as to have a hike in financial and non-financial incentives. For example, Microsoft, Cisco certifications, Juniper etc can be considered whilst making a prominent decision.

  1. Career paths for network engineer:
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Engineer Information Technology (IT)
  • Project Manager in Information Technology (It)
  • Senior Project Manager,
  • Senior IT manager
  • (IT) Manager Vice President (VP),
  • Service Delivery Manager Program
  • Manager IT Project
  • Manager Software Development Project
  1. CISCO Certification:

According to various web portals, newsletters, in opinion of bazillion candidates and various certification publishers Cisco, with its headquarters at San Francisco, CISCO the word being derived from this very magnificent Nation not only helps us depict the certification’s rich international standards but also the quality and therefore, justifies the very essence of this certification being globally recognised as it’s the most prestigious, most doable and toughest though but after one pursues this certification the job profile of a candidate forecasts immense skills and talents in IT domain accepted globally with decent remuneration, perks, and amazing job designations. Following is the briefing of the much more demanded, technified, justified one the most favorable course in the IT domain.



  1. CCENT/CCT: CISCO Certified Entry Networking Technician/ Cisco Certified Technician.

A CCNT Certification that is the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician or the Cisco Certified Technician that provides a platform in the field of networking, thereby, managing the networking domain the small scale enterprises. A CCENT certified professional will be easily distinguished in the crowd of IT degree holders, as it not only develops skills but enhances smartness and conceptual abilities on the practical basis. Thus, It is the collaboration, data center, service providing, routing and switching, security and wireless.

Following are the job designations:Networking-Job-profiles

  1. CCNA/CCDA [Associate level]: The CCNA certification that is Cisco Certified Network Associate is the foundation level of networking certification that is CCNA for network installation operations and troubleshooting. CCDA for network design. The certificate ensures validation of professional’s ability in understanding, configuration, operations and troubleshooting of the medium-level switching and routing networks which also includes to verify and implement vvarious connections via remote sites using WAN.
  1. CCDP/CCNP [Professional Level]: The Cisco Certified Network Professional validates and ensures in that the certified shall have the ability to plan, implement, verify and troubleshoot local and in probably, medium and large enterprises wherein collaborative efforts with distinguished specialists on matters of advanced security, voice, wireless and video solutions. The professional level forecasts more expertise with networking skills. It’s certification covers broader aspects of technology which is required to meet job roles.


  1. CCIE [ Expert Level]: The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Security who are recognized experts in security networking domain. These experts have an apt knowledge and skills to architect, engineer, implement, troubleshoot and support the full suite of Cisco Security Technologies and Solutions thereby, using various sophisticated technologies that serve the best to an industry to secure their web protocols and systems. Thus, it is an expert level certification stage, accepted as the most honorable certification worldwide in the networking industry.
  2. CAr [ Architect]: Cisco Certified Associate is the highest level of accreditation achievable and recognizes the architectural expertise of network designs who can support the increasingly complex networks of global organizations and effectively translate business strategies into evolutionary technical strategies.

Pay scale according to different designations:

SrNo. Designations Salary [ in Thousand Rs.]
1 Network Support Engineer 134-336
2 Network Administrator 220-521
3 Network Engineer IT 174-463
4 Network Specialist 610-1118
5 Network Support Engineer 124-295
6 Software Engineer 321-657
7 Sr. Network Engineer 484-1033
8 System Administrator 217-513
9 Computer Networking IT 215-421
10 System Engineer 297-448

Pay Scale of Top Technical Giants:

Sr.No Companies Salary [in Thousand Rs.]
1 HCL Technologies 230-362
2 Ericsson Inc 301-488
3 Cisco Systems 325-1070
4 Tata Communication 432-953
5 Wipro Technologies 197-442
6 Wipro 254-411
7 TCS 171-260
8 HCL Infosystems 324-782
9 Sify 140-280
10 Aricent Inc 161-355
11 Dimension Data 399-560
12 Accenture 322-586
13 Reliance Communications 150-448

Pay Scale In Top Cities In India

Average Salary being Rs.297,662

SrNo. Cities % Increase Salary[ In Thousand Rs.]
1 Gurgaon 27 376
2 Bangalore 21 361
3 Noida 18 350
4 Pune 14 340
5 Hyderabad 5 313
6 Delhi 2 303


Today the need of an hour is to set ourselves apart from the crowd. Being a network engineer with a normal bachelor’s degree won’t serve the purpose of being an expert. So as to get a global recognition and decent financial and non-financial incentives one is highly advisable to opt for various certification courses and Cisco is no exception. The entire article potentially described with all fact and figures, how well is Cisco Established in all nook and corner of not only our national borders but throughout the entire globe. Hence, the path to success doesn’t have a finish line all you need is chase through the right opportunity.


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