How to get Cisco Exam Discount Voucher

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Cisco is a worldwide leader in Networking and has a bite of almost 85% of the networking market with its certifications and training program. It has set a benchmark with its renowned certifications in terms of quality and expertise. Cisco certified Associates, Professionals and Experts have their own league and are recognized across the world.

Cisco has divided Networking into 10 domains with a total of 27 certifications as shown below.

Each of these certifications have their own difficult level increasing with its hierarchy and cost.

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Cisco Exam Discount Vouchers

Cisco Exam Discount Vouchers or Cisco Vouchers or Cisco Certification Vouchers or Cisco Test Vouchers or Cisco Exam Vouchers are Vouchers provided by Cisco by means of which Networking aspirants can get a discount on the Cisco Certifications.

How are they different?

When you attempt for any of the Cisco Certifications, you need to pay the certification cost at the Test center or Cisco VUE. Cisco Discount Vouchers are prepaid discount voucher by which you can save money and do Cisco certifications at a much lower cost.

Points to ponder on Cisco Discount Vouchers:

  • Cisco Exam Discount Vouchers are pre-paid vouchers and need to be bought before the examination.
  • They are non – refundable and non – returnable.
  • These vouchers are bought in bulk with the minimum of 10 vouchers per order.
  • There is no discount on vouchers even if bought in bulk.
  • All Cisco Discount Voucher expires in 12 months and the date can not be extended. It is recommended to use the voucher before its expiration date.
  • Buying Cisco Discount Voucher is completely the candidates choice. It is not mandatory. One can go for the full fee format as well.

Also, while buying the Cisco Exam Discount Voucher, remember

  • The price of the Cisco voucher can be changed without any notice at the discretion of the certification sponsor.
  • You need to buy the Voucher in the currency of the country you are going to take the exam.
  • Make sure you check the exam code twice and buy vouchers for that only.
  • Confirm Examination Code from here.

How to buy Cisco Discount Voucher:

Go to Pearson’s Discount Price List  and follow the below two steps:

  1. Check the country and note the price in this currency.
  2. Fill out the voucher order form.

Note: You can also buy Cisco Exam Discount Vouchers from Cisco Learning Credits. To know more about Cisco Learning Credits go to


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