15 Ways to remain Super Creative and Productive [Infographic]

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15 Ways to remain Super Creative and Productive [Infographic]


  1. Make Mistakes

There are two ways to learn anything. Either do it right in one go or do it wrong and learn from it. Making mistakes is actually a step towards growing. It tells you what to do by telling what ‘not’ to do.

  1. Break the rules

Rules have another word for itself called ‘Stereotype’. These rules are set by people who were once a learner like us. Who tried to make our path easy by giving us some Dos and Don’ts. But being creative as we are we chose are own path or build it.

  1. Exercise Daily

Working for hours didn’t lead anyone anywhere. Exercising daily keeps your body and mind to work in synch as one cannot work without the other.

  1. Drink more Water

Water is the foremost ingredient to keep a healthy body. Drinking water keeps up our health, gives energy and spreads positivity and sense of refreshment in our body.

  1. Yes to New Adventures

There is a beautiful world out there full of creativity and adventures. Agree to them. Go out on an adventure once in a while and see how your mind works fiasco and gives you awesome ideas.

  1. Keep up a diary

It is important to keep and itinerary or journal with yourself. A wise man is one who reflects on his mistakes and grows every day. Keeping a diary helps you doing that. It becomes a reminder of every passing moment good or bad.It keeps your ideas in there safe, secure and ready to use.

  1. Learn new things

Learning new things is the only way to grow. One can reach to a certain height – from A to B – from what he/ she has within. Hard work, Discipline or POAs doesn’t help. To go from B to C, one must have knowledge of going through that path.

The world is full of information. With every new learning, we understand, we grow and we understand the right path.

  1. Loose fear of being wrong

Every wrong decision is a step forward to the right one and every fear is a step backward. We need to choose carefully between them.

  1. Day Dream & Doodle

Daydreaming and doodling didn’t help anyone. One needs to get back to reality to do something productive in reality.

  1. Know your self-worth

Why would people take you seriously when you yourself don’t?

  1. Read books

Reading books is that one habit that has been taught us from school. Books are our Best Friends remember? They give you all the knowledge of the world and knowledge means growth, ideas, strategies, and learning.

  1. Get Moving

One needs to always keep moving forward. Losing or not knowing isn’t the defeat. We can slow down the pace but shouldn’t stop.

  1. Think with your heart

Keep following your own path; we’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird this thing help us being creative.

  1. Clear your mind of can’t

Every man who invented something did it because he thought it was possible. There is no such thing as ‘cannot’. Everything can be done if you believe YOU CAN.

  1. Eliminate Negativity

Negative thoughts decrease your confidence, self-worth and productivity. They bring nothing but downfall.


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