Industrial Visit by by Shri Siddheshwar Women’s Polytechnic College at Pune’s Biggest Cisco Training lab

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The Brighter you are the more you have to learn.

Willingness to learn is all you need from the very beginning of your chosen course. Acquiring new skills adds a feather to our cap making us more knowledgeable and confident.

Networking made a huge impact on the world and has changed its face since last decade. It is a vast field and has its application in every organization IT or Non IT.

I-Medita training Institute is known for its excellence training programs and methodologies in Networking Domains. Shri Siddheshwar Women’s Polytechnic College tied collaborated with I-Medita for organising an Industrial visit for its students.

Around 50 students had come to I-Medita Training Institute for this IV session. There were exciting faces entering the premises with the thirst of Knowledge. Students were addressed by our Sr. Trainer Mr. Sugandh Kansal and he started off with the session.

The topics covered during Industrial Visit were

  • Area Networks ( LAN, MAN, WAN, PAN)
  • CSMA/CD technology and topologies.
  • OSI Ref Model and TCP/IP Ref Model.
  • Fast Ethernet and installation of physical components for Wi-Fi.
  • Networking, coding of devices, Subnet Masking.
  • IPv4 and IPv6 protocols and coding.

Students of Shri Siddheshwar Women’s Polytechnic practising at I-Medita Labs

Students were introduced to the world of networking, its scope and importance was explained to them with its career opportunities and growth.

Later, the lab demonstrations were shown to them with all the workings of real switches and routers. The Industrial Visit ended with the question and answer session with the trainer and delicious snacks.

Adding another Success story to our diary….

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