An Industrial Visit by DY Patil Polytechnic, Ambi students at I-Medita Labs

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I-Medita Learning Solutions has hosted many colleges for its Industrial Visits and made many countless students aware about Cisco Networking technology and its opportunities. One such college had been DY Patil Polytechnic, Ambi.

DY Patil Polytechnic, Ambi academy was established by Padmashree Dr. D.Y. Patil in 1991 with the aim to provide education to students in all fields. DY Patil Polytechnic College spreads education to deserving students and thereby helping them realize their dreams of their career in professional courses. It runs several institutes in Navi Mumbai and Pune and there are few number of courses including Engineering Management, Pharmacy etc.

On March 10, 2017, over 33 students of DY Patil Polytechnic College visited I-Medita Labs and were introduced to the world of networking. Mr. Saurabh Rawat took this session and gave them the idea of this technology.

Students were given the introduction to networking on an intrinsic level, future opportunities and career choices were explained to them, its impact on the world, role in the organizations was being discussed and its Certifications were being defined.

At the later stage, students were welcomed to I-Medita’s Labs – Maharashtra’s Biggest Cisco Training Lab– and were shown the demonstration of real Cisco Routers and Switches. There was a lot of buzz amongst the students and the atmosphere charged with the excitement.

This made the IV to end on a Questions and Answer session with some delicious snacks.

Here are few glimpse of this Industrial Visit:

An Industrial Visit by DY Patil Polytechnic, Ambi students at I-Medita Labs

IV by DY Patil College at I-Medita Labs

IV at I-Medita Labs

E Book-Cisco CCNA Certificaiton

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