Industrial Visit By G. H. Raisoni College of Engineering and Management at I-Medita Labs

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I-Medita welcomes the students of G. H. Raisoni College of Engineering and Management in the world of Cisco Networking.

Thinking out of the box & endeavoring to achieve in right track at right time is the main motto of I-Medita. I-Medita beliefs on quality, not a quantity which is easy to grade your career and that’s what gave an experience on Industrial Visit held at I-Medita Cisco Training Labs, Pune.

G. H. Raisoni College of Engineering and Management, Wagholi, Pune was taking enterprise and audited the Industrial Visit on 3 January 2017 at I-Medita Cisco Training Labs.

“Fundamentals and practical knowledge gain more than bookish knowledge” is true enough. Labs are well equipped and their trainees focus on practice. At I-Medita, we have well equipped Pune’s Biggest Cisco Networking labs which consists Latest Series of Routers, switches, firewalls and much more.

There were over 60 students from Computer Science department accompanied by 2 faculties. It is important for each student to know the choices that they can make for. During this Industrial Visit, details about Cisco Networking and their industrial practices, working of Routers and Switches, importance of Networking, Impact of networking were also amongst students with the trainer

The session was accompanied by Mr. Sugandh Kansal, where he introduced students to how to configure the real-time CISCO devices, how to deal with a live network, roles, and responsibilities of network engineers and last but not least industrial requirements regarding backbone of industries which is nothing but “NETWORKING”.

Our Cisco Certified CCIE Trainer Mr. Surendra Singh took the practical session for the students and demonstrated the working of Cisco Routers and Switches to students.

Highlights of the Industrial Visit:

  • Introduction to the Networking Field.
  • Awareness of Cisco and its certification.
  • Informed about I-Medita and its services.
  • Demonstration on Real Cisco Devices.
  • Visit to Maharashtra’s Biggest Cisco Networking Labs.
  • Counseled on future career opportunities.

As of “shaping your career and empowering a future!!!!” is as important as today’s constraint.

Team I-Medita would like to congratulate the staff and students of G. H. Raisoni College of Engineering and Management, Wagholi, on this successful Industrial visit.

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