Industrial Visit from Northern Engineering College, New Delhi

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Here, at I-Medita, every day is a new beginning. Every new beginning brings new challenges and sets new higher goals. As I-Medita has always conducted workshops on networking and the importance of same, on 14th May 2016 I-Medita turned over a new leaf by holding an industrial visit in its networking and IT lab.

On Saturday, I-Medita played host for an industrial visit from Northern India Engineering College. A total of 30 students had attended this visit to I-Medita and visited its networking and IT lab that I-Medita has. Unlike other IV’s the students were shown all the networking devices, live and running such as routers, switches etc. The students were not only taught about the latest networking tech available, the evolution of networking and the importance of having a hand-on knowledge of handling these devices but also introduced to the different jobs that are related to the networking branch and the expectation related to networking jobs such as networking engineers in companies like Airtel, Vodafone, HCL, Accenture etc.

The students walked down the history lane to understand the evolution of never stopping networking. The students were introduced to the setting up of a network related industries. They were also briefed with the interesting facts that many students miss out on and were introduced to the breathtaking innovations in networking and technology. This left the students amazed and now they knew how exactly a networking firm and the things work.

industrial visit northern engineering college

As an IV must prepare the students for the demands of an industry and the expectations related to the different roles, the students were introduced to the kind of experience, expectations and work any networking personnel is expected to have. As no theory lecture can be an example of successful teaching unless the students get a practical knowledge, all the students indulged in the hand on activities and the working of the latest networking tech.

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