Industrial Visit at Pune’s Biggest Cisco Training lab by Tikaram College of Science

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The day started with a positive vibe in the air and all the students of Tikaram College of Arts, Science and Commerce with great feverishness entered the I-Medita Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd. Institute.

I-Medita feels delighted when many such students become a part of our process of learning and imparting knowledge. Industrial Visits are being frequently organised at our training institute so that students become more familiar with the networking concepts.

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On the 24th January 2017, I-Medita teamed up with Tikaram College of Arts, Science and Commerce to organise an Industrial Visit for the students. 23 students had come for this Industrial Visit and our Sr. trainer Mr. Sugandh Kansal was there to look after the students and make sure everyone is clear with the concepts.

The session started with an introduction session explaining the importance of networking and its future demand. Then all the topics were cleared and given a brief about.

  • Area Networks (LAN, MAN, WAN, PAN)
  • CSMA/CD technology and topologies.
  • OSI Ref Model and TCP/IP Ref Model.
  • Fast Ethernet and installation of physical components for Wi-Fi.
  • Networking, coding of devices, Subnet Masking.
  • IPv4 and IPv6 protocols and coding.

Industrial Visit at Pune’s Biggest Cisco Training lab by Tikaram College of Arts, Science and Commerce

Then came the most important part: the Lab Demonstrations.

I-Medita has Maharashtra’s largest Cisco Networking Labs. All the basics were explained by our trainer.

Later on, the opportunities to explore networking, its future aspects and its career growth were shown to students, followed by a doubt clearing session for the students, where students came up with different queries and our trainers welcomed them and explain everything properly.

Students were given some snacks at the end thus ended the IV with a happy note.

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