Manish Kumar, Student of Indira College, Pune working as an Assistant Technical Intern with I-Medita

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Hi, I am Manish Kumar student of Indira College of Commerce and Science, Pune. In the beginning, I was a simple student doing the First year of my Graduation in Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA). When I First came to know that there is National Level workshop organized by I-Medita under the banner of IBNC(India’s Biggest Networking Championship).

I approached I-MEDITA to organize this two days workshop in our College. I took the initiative and complete all the formalities for the workshop and along with some faculties and student coordinator we finalized the workshop. I was made as the student coordinator for my college for this National Level Event and that was my first experience working with IBNC and I-MEDITA. Since that was my first workshop and Specially in my Field of Interest too ( i.e Networking ). I contributed my 100% effort to make it a success. Apart from enhancing my knowledge I developed my Management skills as well. Everything I did at that time was completely new and interesting to learn. And the event was a huge Success. I also took part in the workshop and three winners were selected from the workshop, I was one of those winners’. I was called in IBNC-2015 Grand finale held at IIT Delhi on 29 March 2015. That Experience was really amazing. We got a chance to compete with 350 winners at the National Level, I Qualified two levels and got shortlisted in top 24 finalists. As my performance was good during the workshop and Finale IBNC and I-MEDITA offered an Internship opportunity to me as a Co-Technical Trainer where I have to assist various workshops along with Senior Trainer. By going to these workshop I have learned many things from various Trainer’s. To be frank I developed the interest on Networking because of I-Medita and IBNC.


IBNC and I-MEDITA offered me an internship programs to assist trainings in various colleges. And Since I had a complete knowledge of CCNA now they sent me as Co-Trainer for most of the workshops that held near my place. I have been as a Co-Trainer for the following workshops

  • A two day “Cisco Networking- CCNA” workshop at MVJ College of Engineering, Bangalore dated March 17-18, 2015,
  • A 30 days “CCNA Networking” Project Based Summer Training Program at Pune Nodal Center dated June 01 to June 30, 2015,
  • A two day “Cisco CCNA Networking” workshop at Nagesh Karajagi Orchid College Of Engineering & Technology, Solapur dated August 21-22, 2015,
  • A two day “CCNA Networking” workshop at G H Raisoni Institute of Engineering and Technology for Women, Nagpur dated August 25-26, 2015,
  • A three days “Big Data and Hadoop” workshop at Babasaheb Naik College of Engineering, Pusad dated September 04-06, 2015,
  • A two day “Networking- i.e Network Implementation” workshop at Pad. Dr. D.Y.Patil Institute of Engineering and Management Research, Akurdi dated September 08-09, 2015,
  • A two day “CCNA Networking” workshop at Vishwabharati Academy’s College of Engineering, Ahmednagar dated September 25 – 26, 2015,

In all these colleges I was working with different professional Trainers. Those experiences really give me a wide range of knowledge in different aspects. In spite of going to all these colleges for training and developing knowledge, I received certificates for Coordination, Training, Recommendation letters that made my Resume stronger and also I was provided with Stipend for Internship and different allowances from IBNC, I-Medita. And I can’t conclude without saying about the IBNC team. And a special thanks to Mr. Saurabh and frankly speaking I even don’t know any of the Coordinator team personally but the support and freedom they had given me is just above everything. Mr Saurabh and Mr Deepak they treated me as there younger brother and even corrected me every time when I was wrong.

Hope to continue this learning in the upcoming Years as well with IBNC and I-MEDITA


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