Hard work always pays off! – Mihir got placed in CSS Corp

by | Nov 26, 2016 | Success Stories | 5 comments

Mr. Mihir Chauhan, student of I-Medita Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd., recently got placed in CSS Corp. He has been taking Cisco training from I-Medita since last few months. He enrolled for Multi-Track Training Program and got placed during his course.

We chatted for a while with him and asked few questions about training with I-Medita. When asked about his training and placement, he said, “I have been giving my best since last three months. I have learned a lot of new things from I-Medita. It was a great experience for me. I enrolled for CCNA which I finished in a months. After that, I started my CCNP Training. I was trained by Mr. Baldev for CCNA and Mr. Saurabh for CCNP.”

Why did you choose I-Medita?

“There are many institutes in Pune but the reason I came here is because I-Medita has very good labs, and working on real devices is also good experience for me. “

On asking about his interview experiences and questions that were asked, he said, “My interview was not like others. It has been going on for last 15 days as it was telephonic for me. On the phone itself, many questions were asked of me like, ‘what are the layers of OSI Model‘, ‘How data moves from one layer to another’, etc. Then they asked about TCP/IP Model and further they moved to networking where they asked me about switching, like ‘what kind of protocols are there’, ‘what kind of LANs are there’, etc. That’s how cleared my first round.

I got a Skype call for my second round. In that they asked me what is the exact procedure executed when you open a browser’,

The reasons he selected I-Medita were good labs and infrastructure, good trainers and the comfortable environment. He rated the overall experience 10 on 10.

Mihir had been a hard working student at I-Medita. He recommends other networking aspirants to believe in hard work. He says, “If you do the hard work, it will definitely be worth. Not today maybe, but eventually. It will never be wasted.” All the best Mihir! Keep up the spirit!


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