Mother’s Day Article That Will Make You Cry

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Have You Ever Thought?

‘Mom’ the only word in the world that one just naturally says whenever there is anything wrong. From losing a pencil to “where is my sock”, from losing a friend to “I have no idea what to do”, from creating memories filled with love to shedding tears and feeling lonely. Mom is the only person in the world who will always be the one to buy us another pencil, to find those socks, to be the only friend when all have left us, to be left behind when we find new friends and never complain about it, the only one to always help us find the correct path, the one to guide us in darkness, the one who would never laugh at us when we fail, the one to cry for our sorrows and grieves and the one to feel our pain.

Mom has always been referred to as the figure of unconditional love, endless compassion, selflessness and the ever flowing fountain of kindness. Just like a seed may seem perfect from the outside but may be hollow from the inside, without a mom no child can prosper and excel in the chapter called love and life. No child can understand her own definitions of love, kindness, and compassion.

#Reality Check

When mother nature takes care of the seed, the seed grows to be a plant and soon a tree. That tree always gives back to nature more than it takes. However, in the case of humans, a baby never leaves his mother’s loving arms until he learns to walk and run. As the child grows up to be a lad, his mom is no longer the only friend he has or the only one that matters a lot. When the lad turns into a fine young man and learns to take care of himself and be independent, worldly achievements and people become more important than everything. The same baby, who once never left his mom’s arms, now is no longer interested in her. The same boy, who wouldn’t stop crying until he saw his mom, now lives days without even listening to her voice.

Have success, luxuries, and people become more important to us than mom? Does temporary happiness from success and fame bring more joy to the heart than that smile in mother’s face when you gift her a rose?

‘Mom’ is the only one in the world who truly is a sea of endless love. She represents inner beauty to its utmost perfection. She is the one who will happily part away with her food to feed her hungry child, the one to stay awake endless nights to take care of her sick child, the one who can walk on the fires of life to save her child. She is also the one who wait with tears in her eyes and longing in heart for her sweet child to return.

Have we ever thought, the mom who wouldn’t eat food until we ate, ate her food or not? Is she well our not? Is she happy? If a smile and a hug could give her the strength to live without her child for months? If an action of gratitude was all she needed to feel good about herself once again. If a small act of love is what she needed while standing on the porch and letting us go? If all she needs is to be sure that we were safe in a foreign land? Has our arrogance ever allowed us to surprise that old lady who was once as beautiful as Dianna?

Sadly, while living the life we always wanted, we forgot the one woman who blessed us with this gift called life. Now ignorance and arrogance are the only friends who walk beside us. And we only realize what a symbol of God she is only when she is gone, gone forever. We only realize that our age never mattered to her, all that did was if we ever thought about her…..


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