Networking Workshop at G H Raisoni Institute of Engineering, Nagpur

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There are many problems, but I think there is a solution to all these problems; it’s just one, and it’s education.– Malala Yousafzai

Education is the only thing that can bring true change. Logically reasoned facts will always weight more than the unreasoned actions. Education and empowerment works hand in hand and I-Medita have always realized the importance of learning, education and change. Such is the empowering tale of a Networking workshop that was kept at G H Raisoni Institute of Engineering and Technology for Women, Nagpur. The true lesson of life, ‘never back down’ always walks with the people of this orange city, for they know how hard work pays off. Faculty Coordinators, Principal, Head of Department and students coordinators Disha Moon, Prasnnata , Snehal Deshmukh , Monika Jambhulkar and Kalyani Deshmukh teamed up to pull off a very successful workshop. Around 80 participants attended the workshop and get benefitted.

Day 1:

On the first day the students were seated in a well conditioned seminar hall. The excited chatters soon turned into many curious questions that the students were asking to the trainer. The importance of clear and strong basics is best known to a teacher. The trainer and the students indulged into many discussions about networking and the many generations it has evolved through. The students were then taught the basics of networks and their working. Ethernet with collision detection (CSMA-CD).

The students were then taught the concept of fast Ethernet and reference models such as OSI and TCP/IP reference model with the advantages, and limitations of each model. How layers works on real time devices were shown to students. Some of the topics discussed were:

  • Sub-netting/masking
  • Networking basics
  • Monitoring tools
  • OSI/TCP-IP ref model
  • IPv4/IPv6
  • BGP

The wonders of technology and the modernization is only a result of a curious mind. The theory lecture was a stepping stone to the whole new world of virtual interconnection of networks through protocols to allow accessing the world with a click.

Day 2: Rigorous Practical:-

The day started with much discussed theory, questions and answers. The trainer started the session by introducing the real-time components like routers, switches and many other devices. The students were taught how to design, configure and troubleshoot real-time Routers and Switches. Routing Protocols were discussed and students performed practicals on Cisco Packet Tracer. The students were then, showed videos concerning the same.

Students Learnt:

  • How data flow in a network
  • Physical connectivity of routers and switches
  • The concept of switching: Packet Switching and Circuit Switching.
  • Configure different routing protocols in a network.
  • Understand Routing Security and Switching Security fundamentals and much more

At the end, the competition was organized and 3 winners were selected , these winners were awarded with Special Excellence Certificates and then all participants were given participation certificates. Special thanks to Principal a and Faculty Coordinators their support and help.

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