One Day Resume Writing Workshop at I-Medita

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Every person yearns for a better and prosperous future and promised future that will help fulfil all the dreams and desires. However, many times such golden opportunities slip right through our fingers because of things like personality, resume, and habits. The way of presenting oneself, in the corporate world, is very important to set the right impression and a resume that can attract attention is a must. I-Medita has always believed in bringing knowledge and experience at one’s doorsteps. This time, a one-day workshop was kept on “Resume Writing” at I-Medita on 29th May, 2016.

The workshop was led by the trainer Mr. Deepanshu Budhija. Many students and working professionals attended the workshop to make it a grand success. The trainer started with the importance of an individual’s way of presentation and resume in the corporate world and otherwise. He also laid emphasis on many basic and important questions that a candidate overlooks many times. The need of a good resume with an appealing cover letter and the importance of choosing an employer than being chosen by one was emphasised on greatly. The trainer also enlightened the students on how not thinking about many important trivial planning matters such as future goals, salary and future scope lead to losing a good opportunity. The session started with various tips and tricks to remember whilst making a good resume and an attractive cover letter that can live up to to the expectations of huge corporate and their demands.


The students practiced writing a good resume with the trainer’s guidance. They also indulged in different parts and pieces that should and shouldn’t be included in a good resume. With many sample resumes at their disposal, it was an easy job to make up a good resume. The trainer helped the students with utmost care and individually guided the students while writing a resume. The students were given a top 10 resume template with do’s and don’ts about the format whilst they practiced the skill of writing a good resume.

A resume is just a bridge that helps you get across to the company you desire of, but, cracking the interview is the journey on that bridge that must be handled with exquisite skills and care. The need and emphasis of a good resume were widely discussed on by the trainer with many insights on how to go about telephonic interviews and face-to-face interviews. The difference and tact to handle both, face-to-face and a telephonic interview were discussed with much enthusiasm. With advancing technology and digitisation, one must be aware of the important job-related sites such as,, and to get across his dream jobs and why a LinkedIn profile is most important of all for better job prospects.

Lastly, the students embarked on the journey on how to crack an interview with best tips and tricks. The students were demonstrated the various aspects that a candidate must be aware of while applying for a job and getting selected for one. The students were demonstrated and participated in mock interview sessions to work on their skills. The interview process in corporate giants such as Amazon, Flipkart, TCS, CISCO was briefed and practiced by the students to enhance their interview skills and cracking interviews. With so much learnt and knowledge gained, the students were given a participation certificate and the day ended well.


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