One Day Workshop on BIG-IP LTM F5 Load Balancers

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You cannot teach a person anything you can only help him find it within itself.
– Galileo Galilei

You can learn anything you want; you just need to find someone to help you discover it for yourself. I-Medita discovers such things for you and organized one day workshop on F5 BIG IP Local Traffic Management by industry experts. Nowadays, F5 Load balancers are high in demand, and so its career opportunities.

Overview: The workshop was conducted by Mr Saurabh Yadav – CCIE Routing and Switching #46962 and Mr Shiv Kumar. Both are highly experienced in F5 load balancers and took this workshop on July 23, 2017, at I-Medita, Pune. The main topics discussed during the workshop are:

  • Installation and Licensing.
  • Virtual Servers, Pools and Load balancing of the same.
  • Various Profiles.
  • iRules and Persistence regarding the same.
  • Health Monitors.
  • SSL Termination and Certificate Management.
  • System Configuration of the highly available redundant system.
  • SNMP and Logging.
  • BIG-IP Admin Topics such as
  • CMP (Multiprocessing)
  • VLAN Management
  • Administrative Domains
  • Introduction to v12 feature.

The F5 Big-IP Local Traffic Management Workshop: The workshop started with introduction of Mr Saurabh Yadav and Mr Shiv Kumar and with their experiences in industry and later Mr Saurabh Yadav give brief introduction about load balancers i.e Load Balancers are the product from F5 which is named as BIG IP F5 which provides load balancing to the clusters of the server so that it can increase the performance of the server and prevent it to not feel the crunch and its various aspects.

Later, Mr Shiv Kumar, introduce with the different rules, protocols and the networks that one might come across while working with such systems and the necessity to properly manage them.

The F5 BIG IP Load Balancers installation, monitoring, and basic key skills and its various profiles. Its application and practical aspects in IT industries and the above-mentioned topics brief. Introduction to v12 feature was the concluding topic for the day.

Later, there was the interacting session between participants and the experts about the various network related questions which made participant enthusiastic for the course and its certifications. In the same, various questions asked regarding its training and placements in various job roles.

I-Medita also offers Instructor Led Classroom and Online Training. Training Details are mentioned below:

BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) V12x Course
Training Type Classroom/Online
Duration 6 Weekends (Sat-Sun)
Daily Number of Hours 3
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