Hussain Got Placed in GTT Communications after Multi-Track Program

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Hussain is a graduate from Sinhgad University and he visited I-Medita and take a demo session and he registered under Multi-Track Program. Before completing his course, he got placed in GTT Communications with a decent package. He really liked the atmosphere provide by I-Medita for the training and development.

Candidate Name: Hussain Bora

Courses Enrolled: Multi-Track

Placed in:GTT Communications

After the wonderful achievement by Hussain, we had a discussion with him where we asked some questions regarding his Multi-Track training and placement experience provided by I-Medita.

Let us see what Hussain said about his Multi-Track training experience:

Question: Hi, heartiest congratulations for getting your job in Networking Domain. So, how it feels like?

Answer: Feels amazing to get placed in such a prosperous organization like GTT. I am glad and I having a very smiling face as I say this, it feels amazing and I am so glad to be part of I-Medita where I got opportunities and to shine further in my life. Thank you team I-Medita.

Question: Why I-MEDITA, what was the reason that you picked it over several others present in your own city and the nation over?

Answer: Firstly I didn’t know much about I-Medita. I got to know from a friend about it, that it is one of the most trusted organization in terms of knowledge and placement. I took a demo class and got to know the real scenario. It was amazing and I don’t have words to thank all the trainers and support for my success.

Question: Could you please brief us about the interview procedure, so that it could be helpful for other Networking aspirants?

Answer: GTT’S interview was more about your attitude towards life first, if you succeed in giving the answer to grammar and your introduction confidently then they move to the technical round. My interview only consisted of about 1 round and I received a call from HR a week later about my joining in GTT.

Question: What helped you most to crack the interview and grab the offer?

Answer: Technical knowledge and confidence in your answer and how you present it. All the things that I learnt in the teaching herein I-Medita It helped me a lot in cracking the interview at GTT. As I said earlier, I don’t have enough words to thank I-Medita and all the teaching staff for shaping me up to be through in technical.

Question: How was the journey with I-Medita your experience please and for which course you have enrolled here?

Answer: I enrolled here in the Multi-Track program which consisted of CCNA and CCNP Routing and Switching and CCNA Security and other Industry Oriented Rigorous Sessions. It was a wonderful and mind blogging experience because of this training I am able to get a job in core networking and take my career to next level.

Question: What are the three things you liked about I-Medita’s Training?

Answer: There is a number of things which are fantastic here at I-Medita. The support staff firstly has a thorough knowledge and they explain to us in such a simplified way so that we can understand easily. The labs have 24*7 access. So that we can practice whenever we want and we can call our trainers anytime and they are ready to help us out.

Question: Did you find that I-Medita training program helped you to mark your entry there?

Answer: Yes, no doubt about it. It was only because of the training here in I-Medita that I am able to crack the interview and strive better. My confidence level boosted so much because when you are through with your technical you wear confident attire, and that’s what has the most impact in an interview.

Question: How would you rate I-MEDITA’s training program on a scale of 10?

Answer: I-Medita is such professional and student-friendly organization that rating on a scale would be an injustice. Still, just for the sake, I would rate 10.5.

Question: Any specific suggestion and message to individuals who wish to explore career opportunities in Networking Domain?

Answer: Be through with your technical knowledge and improve your communication skills. Be confident, believe in yourself and no one can stop you from achieving what you desire.

Under the job guarantee program, I-Medita has a 100% success rate. Student of I-Medita is working with all the giant companies in the networking domain. We believe in working hard for technical skills as well as soft skills which increase the rate of getting placed for networking aspirants. Sessions like Deep Dive Sessions, Personality Development, Resume Writing and English Communications skills are as important as technical skills which are cover under I-Medita’s 100% Job Guarantee courses.

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