Sri Raghavan Balasundaram working as an intern ( Co-Technical Trainer) with I-Medita

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Sri Raghavan Balasundaram working as an intern( Co-Technical Trainer) with I-Medita

I – Medita, Leader in IT Trainings. Yes, they are well tagged and what they is what they do. They provide quality IT training programs to various colleges all around India. Am much elated to share the experience of my journey with I-Medita under the banner of IBNC (India’s Biggest Networking Championship)
To start from the beginning, I was a prospective student doing the third year of my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering at INFO Institute of Engineering, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. When we organized a two-day Networking workshop I was made as the student coordinator for my college and that became my first experience working with this energetic team. Since that was my first workshop I contributed comprehensive effort to make it a grand success. Apart from developing my technical knowledge, I developed my interpersonal skills as well. Everything I did for those workshops where completely new and interesting to learn. And because we cherished a quality education and made it a grand success to IBNC as well, we signed up for the Winter Training Program on same “Networking” subject. So we worked hard again for that seven-day workshop which really made my carrier to turn in to a new dimension towards Networking field. To be frank I developed the interest on Networking because of I-Medita and IBNC. Then I asked IBNC itself what to do if I want to be a network engineer, they suggested me to take a CCNA exam and get a Cisco certification. And I didn’t wait for any further to join a CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate) training. It went on and I completed my final year of my bachelor’s degree.
Then when I had an opportunity speak with one of the coordinators of IBNC, I just said them that I completed BE – CSE degree, applied for Masters in the USA. Once they heard that I am waiting for the university’s reply and it takes around 5 months, IBNC offered me internship programs to conduct training in various colleges. And Since I had a complete knowledge of CCNA now they sent me as Co-Trainer for most of the workshops that held near my place. I have been as a Co-Trainer for the following workshops
  • A two-day “Internet of Things” (IOT) workshop at Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology,
  • A three-day “Network Security” workshop at B.S Abdur Rahman University, Chennai,
  • A two-day “Network Security” workshop at Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai campus.

And I hope to do a lot more in the coming future.
In all these colleges I was working with different professionals who came as the main trainer. Those experiences really made me get a wide range of knowledge in different aspects from each one. In spite of going to all these colleges for training and developing knowledge, I received certificates for Coordination, Training, Recommendation letters that made my Resume stronger and also I was provided with Stipend for Internship and different allowances from IBNC, I-Medita. And I can’t conclude without saying about the IBNC team. Each and every one coordinated with me gave full support and freedom to express my own thoughts and even corrected me sometimes. Always I fell a widespread of positive energy while working with this team. Some of them who coordinated with me are Mr. Deepanshu, Mr. Saurabh, Mr. Sugandh, Mr. Sachin Raja and some more. I really want to thank these persons and the whole team for giving me a good opportunity to explore knowledge and skills in different directions.


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