Hear! Hear! Top 10 I-Medita Success Stories

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Hear! Hear! Top I-Medita Success Stories are here.

After an incredible journey of 3 years, I-Medita has touched new heights and reached to an immense number of people. It’ no more just a Cisco Training Institute but a trust built amongst the Networking Aspirants. The faith the students have shown and I-Medita’s conviction to prove them right.

Who doesn’t like to hear about their success stories? Success Stories show us that we are going on the right track? The path we have taken is correct and has started giving results now. Success stories of every organization show the growth of it. It builds an exponential graph with its advancement and time frame.

We are pleased to find that we have been growing steadily and reaching more and more people every day. I-Medita has collected several Success Stories over these years. Here are top 10 I-Medita Success Stories.

1. When Ms. Thanseeha from ISE Department PA College of Engineering, Mangalore, Karnataka shared her career shaping journey with us.

After becoming a Campus Ambassador of I-Medita, I took the responsibility of conducting 7 days Project Based Internship Program in Android app Development. This benefited me a lot. During this 7 days internship program, juniors were asked to coordinate the workshop. Later HOD called me personally and congratulated me on this opportunity. She also asked me to guide the juniors on how to conduct the next workshop. In many ways, this became one of the most wonderful moments of my life.

Her story: http://imedita.com/blog/campus-ambassador-ms-thanseeha-pa-college-engineering-mangalore/


Thanseeha I-Medita Success Story

2. When Mr. Innocent shared his Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching Training experience.

Mr. Yengo Innocent is from Kongo and has done his Cisco CCNA Training from I-Medita. We talked to him about his experience at I-Medita, to which he said “I am a student of I-Medita. I came to know about I-Medita from a friend who heard from another friend. I came here to do CCNA because this course is really cool and with the certification, you can go out work in different countries. Everything looked super! Great! Then I decided to come over here. I took classes with Mr. Sudhanshu. Good Sir! Good Guy and very funny, very caring and very sweet. Everything out to respect to you. We had access to the lab every day as I live far from here, I can come anytime. I can’t come and practice after my class so this is a good thing. While training also everyone was open. If you are in problem, you could have asked them and they would give you something. Everything was sorted. So, I would recommend people to come over here. Go check it on Facebook. It’s a good center, it’s a good school if you enroll.”

Hear him at http://imedita.com/blog/yengo-inncent-from-kongo-shares-feedback-on-imedita-trainings/

Yengo I-Medita Success Story

Yengo I-Medita Success Story

3. The Success Story of Mihir’s Hard work at CSS Corp

Mr. Mihir Chauhan, a student of I-Medita Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd., recently got placed in CSS Corp. He has been taking Cisco training from I-Medita since last few months. He enrolled for Multi-Track Training Program and got placed during this course. When asked about his training and placement, he said, “I have been giving my best since last three months. I have learned a lot of new things from I-Medita. It was a great experience for me. I enrolled for CCNA which I finished in a month. After that, I started my CCNP Training. I was trained by Mr. Baldev for CCNA and Mr. Saurabh for CCNP.”

Read his full story here: http://imedita.com/blog/mihir-chauhan-got-selected-in-css-corp-after-ccna-ccnp-training-from-imedita/

Mihir-Chauhan I-Medita Success story

Mihir Chauhan I-Medita Success story

4. When Himalaya Leekha started his Entrepreneur journey from I-Medita

“In one of the workshops, a student was having a very basic doubt and he was unable to understand the concept even after explaining it for literally 10 times. So the trainer said “Don’t worry. We will not move to the next concept until you understand it and I don’t mind even if I have to explain it 100 times.”

I believe that the dedication towards your profession is what you should carry in yourself, irrespective of whatever you do. Having worked with such knowledgeable and professional people, my respect for I-Medita Team and their values has touched skies.”

Read full story: http://imedita.com/blog/himalaya-leekha-nbn-sinhgad-school-of-engineering-pune/

himalaya-leekha-I-Medita Success Story

Himalaya Leekha I-Medita Success Story

5. When Mr. Sameer Kotak cleared his CCIE Examination Lab in First Attempt

Sameer Kotak CCIE R&S V5 54392 planned to do CCIE Certifications and started studying for it himself. While studying the networking concepts he realized he needed some external help from experienced people to clear these examinations. He googled Cisco Best Training Institute and that is how he joined I-Medita. He got his training from Mr. Saurabh Yadav CCIE R&S V5 46962– A Senior CCIE Routing and Switching Trainer – at I-Medita and cleared his CCIE examination in the first attempt. Being proud and enthusiastic as we are, we asked him about his journey and recorded it for you to see.

Read Sameer’s journey here: http://imedita.com/blog/sameer-ccie-54392-shares-his-experience-after-clearing-ccie-lab-exam/

6. When Ishiva Shreya of SRM University gave stars to I-Medita’s CCNA Routing and Switching Training 

Ishiva Shreya is a 2nd-year Computer Science Department students of SRM University, Chennai. She enrolled for CCNA Routing and Switching Training at I-Medita and was trained by CCIE Certified (Written) Routing and Switching Trainer, Mr. Surendra Singh.

We conversed with her, regarding her experience with the training to which she said that she was content with the way of teaching. She admired the well-equipped laboratories which enabled her to work on real-time devices and learn about various networking topologies. Doubt clarification has always been the main hurdle for students which was given a huge importance here. There have been many instances when she had interrupted the trainer with the questions but had been answered very politely.

Read her story at http://imedita.com/blog/ishiva-shreya-srm-university-reviews-on-imedita-ccna-routing-and-switching-training/

Ishiva-Shreya-I-Medita Success Story

Ishiva Shreya I-Medita Success Story

7. When Manish crossed the bridge from a Student to Trainer

I’m Manish Kumar student of Indira College of Commerce and Science, Pune. At the beginning, I was just a Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) student when I approached I-Medita to organize Cisco Networking Training at our college. Later, amidst the journey of organizing this workshop and many conversations between I-Medita team and me, I grew.

I-Medita offered me an internship program that involved me assisting in trainings in various colleges since I had complete knowledge about CCNA. I started going to many workshops as an Assistant Trainer nearby my place. This journey helped me in my career and grew my interest in Networking.

Read here: http://imedita.com/blog/manish-kumar-student-of-indira-college-pune-working-as-an-assistant-technical-intern-with-i-medita-for-ccna-workshops/

Manish Kumar I-Medita Success Story

Manish Kumar I-Medita Success Story

8. Akshay Khilari’s reviews CCNA Security Training at I-Medita.

Akshay Khilari who recently graduated as Bachelor of Engineering enrolled for CCNA Security Training at I-Medita Learning Solutions.

I-Medita Team had a small discussion with him about this training and his feedbacks on it. At the very first stage, he recommends the course to students as well as to the experienced complimenting the practiced and skilled trainers present here. He also wanted to advise people who wish to pursue the career in Networking to do the same through I-Medita. He was amazed as well as excited about the fact that the institute concentrates more on practical sessions rather than on theory.

Watch Video: http://imedita.com/blog/ashay-ghilar-attended-ccna-security-at-imedita-shares-reviews/

Akshay Ghilari attended CCNA Security at I-Medita and share his reviews on it

Akshay Ghilari attended CCNA Security at I-Medita and share his reviews on it

9. When Kriti Sethi broke all the barriers in Networking

Kriti Sethi is a 2nd-year Computer Engineering student from SRM University, Chennai. She did CCNA Routing and Switching training from I-Medita. We chatted with her for a while and asked few questions about her training with I-Medita.

We asked her whether we proved to be beneficial or not? On this, she said, “Definitely it was beneficial. This subject has a barrier, so it would be great if I break the barrier right now and get into this Networking domain. Also, Mr. Surendra is a great teacher and he taught us really well. The interaction with him was perfect.”

“The environment is very professional here. Actually, there is a blend of everything. It is good to see a different atmosphere here.”

Her Story: http://imedita.com/blog/kriti-sethi-srm-university-reviews-ccna-routing-and-switching-training-at-imedita/

Kriti Sethi of SRM University reviews CCNA Routing and Switching Training at I-Medita

Kriti Sethi of SRM University reviews CCNA Routing and Switching Training at I-Medita

10. The journey of Shailesh Kumar from a Coordinator of his college to an Intern

“After the completion of the Event, I got a call from Mr. Saurabh Rawat who was coordinating with us during the workshop and he asked me if I would like to take the opportunity to work with I-Medita Team as an Intern.

I took the opportunity and later, I went to many colleges along with Senior Trainer, where I had to help young students during the workshop and escalate the major problems to the expert trainer. This experience was really amazing and I have learned a lot from going to these events.”

Read more about Shailesh experience: http://imedita.com/blog/shailesh-kumar-srm-chennai-campus-ambassador-success-story/

Success Story: Shailesh from SRM University

Success Story: Shailesh from SRM University



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