Top 130+ Most Common Cisco ASA interview Questions

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Are you preparing for an interview for a network security engineer position that requires knowledge of Cisco ASA firewalls? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll provide a comprehensive list of over 130 commonly asked Cisco ASA interview questions , along with detailed answers to help you ace your upcoming network security interview. Whether you’re a networking beginner or a working professional, these questions and answers will provide valuable knowledge and help you feel confident and prepared for your interview. So let’s dive in and get started!

Here is a expert-curated list of frequently asked 130+ Most Common Cisco ASA interview Questions & Answers

Question 1 What is Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA)?

Question 2  What is a Firewall?

Question 3 What Is Security Level In ASA Firewall?

Question 4 What is the difference between Gateway and Firewall?

Question 5 What operating system is the ASA built on?

Question 6 Firewalls works at which Layers?

Question 7 What is the difference in ACL on ASA than on Router?

Question 8  Name some concepts that cannot be configured on ASA?

Question 9 What are the security-levels in Cisco ASA?

Question 10 What Is AAA?

Question 11 What Is Default TCP Session Timeout?

Question 12 What’s new in the Cisco ASA Software Release 9 train?

Question 13  What is the difference between Stateful & Stateless Firewall?

Question 14 What Is Command To Enable Failover In ASA Firewall?

Question 15 What Is Default Route Configuration Command In ASA Firewall?

Question 16  What information does Stateful Firewall Maintains?

Question 17  Where can I find information on new features introduced in each software release?

Question 18  What Is Default Security Level For Inside Zone In ASA?

Question 19 What Is Default Security Level For Outside Interface In ASA Firewall?

Question 20 What Is A Transparent Firewall?

Question 21  How do I download software for the Cisco ASA 5500-X Series security appliances?

Question 22 What is Stateful Inspection?

Question 23  What is Command to Permit Traffic in same security level in ASA?

Question 24 How can we allow packets from lower security level to higher security level (Override Security Levels)?

Question 25 What is the command to check NAT table in Cisco ASA?

Question 26 Which command used to switch multiple mode to single mode?

Question 27 Same Security level traffic is allowed or denied in ASA?

Question 28 What Is Sub Second Failover?

Question 29  Does Site-to-site VPN co-exist with Remote Access?

Question 30 What is the security level of Inside and Outside Interface by default?

Question 31 Can You Explain The Significance Of SGT In The Context Of ASA?

Question 32 What protocols are inspected by ASA?

Question 33 Explain Security Context?

Question 34 What features are supported in multiple context mode?

Question 35  What features are not supported in multiple context mode?

Question 36 Explain System area?

Question 37  What is the admin context?

Question 38 How ASA classifies packets?

Question 39 How to give static route on ASA?

Question 40  What is the command to convert ASA into Transparent mode?

Question 41 Can You Load Balance Your Outgoing Internet Connectivity with Two Inter Connections Hooked To One ASA?

Question 42 How To ASA 5500-x React On Zero Day Attack?

Question 43 How do I migrate from ASA 5500 Series firewalls to ASA 5500-X Series firewalls?

Question 44 Does ASA inspects ICMP?

Question 45  Clustering Up To 8 Firewall Would Be Active/active Or Active/standby?

Question 46 What Is Multiprotocol Throughput?

Question 47 Can We Block Https Traffic On Firewall?

Question 48 Can Security Manger Be A Syslog Server As Well?

Question 49 Explain DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) Server?

Question 50  Can We Mix Different Models In Clustering I.e. Can 5510 Be Clustered With 5520?

Question 51 How can a customer find out about new software defects and software updates?

Question 52  When We Say ASA Virtualization, Is That The Hardware Virtualization, Ios Or The Configurations?

Question 53 Is Access To The Scansafe Database A Subscription Service?

Question 54 Can I Have Multi-context Along With Clustering?

Question 55  Is Clustering Possible Across Geographies Or Is There Any Distance Limitation?

Question 56 Are There Only 8 ASA In A Cluster Possible, And Can I Mix The Models?

Question 57 How to give default route on ASA?

Question 58  What are the different types of ACL in Firewall?

Question 59  Explain Ether-Type ACL?

Question 60  Can I Have a Ha Design with Two ASA 5525 X In Two Separate Places In Active/active Mode?

Question 61 How does a firewall process a packet?

Question 62 What Is One Of The ASA Goes Down, Will Other 7 Modules Are Still Deliver 280 Gbps?

Question 63 Hello Do We Need To Have Even Number Of Firewalls To Participate In Clustering?

Question 64  Why Do I Still Have To Manually Copy Xml Profiles From The Active To The Standby?

Question 65 Few Years Ago Threat Detection, Routing Protocols, Etc. Will Not Be Used If You Enable Multiple Context Mode On ASA. Was This Resolved Already In Today’s Software Or Product Line?

Question 66 Based On Active Cluster Configuration, If New Firewall Picks A Ip-address From The Pool, Alter If The Firewall Goes Down How The Session Failover Will Happen, The Live Session Will Be Dropped Or It Will Failover To Other Active Firewall?

Question 67 What is the command to see mode (routed or transparent)?

Question 68 Name some commands replicated to standby unit?

Question 69 Name some commands that are not replicated to standby unit?

Question 70  Explain Active/Standby Failover & Active/Active Failover in terms of preemption?

Question 71 What is the command to switch to multiple context Mode?

Question 72  What is the command to switch back to single mode?

Question 73 Is There Any Policy Limitation Of Cisco ASA?

Question 74 How Does The VIP Is Maintained In The Cluster?

Question 75 We Are Using 3 Different Management Servers, We Are Facing This Asdm Loading Issue With All Of Them, How There Can Be Issue With Os Level?

Question 76  What if we apply ACL as global in ASA?

Question 77 Does The ASA Supports Server Load Balancing?

Question 78 Is That Also The Fact With Site2site VPN When Cluster Master Fails Or Does It Work More Like Active/standby VPN State Failover?

Question 79  Can The Ips In ASA5500-x Do Heuristic Detection?

Question 80 Explain TCP Flags?

Question 81  What are different types of NAT in ASA?

Question 82 What is Policy NAT?

Question 83 Give the order of preference between different types of NAT?

Question 84 What is the difference between Auto NAT & Manual NAT?

Question 85  Give NAT Order in terms of Auto NAT & Manual NAT?

Question 86 What are the command to see NAT Translations?

Question 87 What is the command to see both NAT Table and Connection Table?

Question 88 Will Remote VPN Works With Clustering Mode?

Question 89  Where I can find comparisons of ASA models?

Question 90 Do Easy VPN Works With Active/standby Mode In ASA?

Question 91  Can We Use ASA For Web Filtering Like Proxy?

Question 92 And How Do I Just Point To _one_ ASA Ip From Core Routing Equipment, When Clustering?

Question 93 How ASA works in reference to Traceroute?

Question 94  What Will Happen If One Node Fails In ASA Cluster. Traffic Which Was Going Through Failed Node Will Be Dropped Or It Will Be Processed By Some Other Node In Cluster?

Question 95 Can Cisco Security Manager Be A Netflow Collector For ASA Devices?

Question 96 Can Csm Take Backup Of ASA Configuration?

Question 97 Can We Expect Remote Access VPN Support For Contexts Anytime Soon?

Question 98 Is There Road-map To Allow VPN Functionality With ASA Cluster Deployment?

Question 99  Does ASA Supports Stateful Sync For Ssl Or Ipsec VPN Sessions, Means Suppose Primary Fails Then Ssl Or Ipsec VPN Session Need Not To Re-established Connectivity With Secondary?

Question 100 Can We Configure The Cisco ASA On Distributor Artechtue?

Question 101 Does Packet Tracer Supports Fwsm ?

Question 102 What is Tranparent Firewall?

Question 103 What is the need of Transparent Firewall?

Question 104 What are the similarities between switch and ASA (in Transparent mode) ?

Question 105 What are the differences between switch and ASA (in Transparent mode) ?

Question 106 What are the features that are not supported in Transparent mode?

Question 107 Is There A Concept Of Inter-context Communication In Current ASA? Meaning No Need To Forward The Traffic Out Of The Interface But Instead Inside ASA And Between Context. Saves Interface And Much Faster?

Question 108 What About Mgcp Support?

Question 109  Does It Option For Snapshot For Backup Purpose So We Can Restore The All Configuration Very Fast. And How Many Snapshot It Can Store?

Question 110 What is the command to check connection table?

Question 111 What are the multicontext enhancements in ASA Software Release 9.0?

Question 112 What Is The VPN Split In Ipv4/ipv6 Network? Is There VPN Bypass With ASA?

Question 113  What is the Difference between ports in ASA 8.4 and ASA 8.2?

Question 114 What is the command to capture packets in ASA?

Question 115 What is the command to enable HTTP on ASA?

Question 116 What Is The Cx Module In ASA- X Series?

Question 117 What is the command to see timeout timers?

Question 118 Where can I find guidelines on migrating from the Cisco Catalyst® 6500 Series Firewall Services Module (FWSM) to ASA 5585-X appliances?

Question 119 What are the values for timeout of TCP session, UDP session, ICMP session?

Question 120 Explain Failover?

Question 121  What are type of Failover?

Question 122 What information is exchanged between ASAs over a Failover link?

Question 123 What is the difference between Stateful failover and Stateless failover?

Question 124 What Information Active unit passes to the standby unit in Stateful Failover?

Question 125 What are the Failover Requirements between two devices?

Question 126 Explain Active/Standby Failover?

Question 127 Explain Active/Active Failover?

Question 128 What is the command to enable Failover?

Question 129  What is the command to see Failover?

Question 130 Explain Unit Health Monitoring in Failover? How Failover occurs?

Question 131 How active unit is determined in Active/Standby Failover?

Question 132 What is the Difference between ports in ASA 8.4 and ASA 8.2?


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