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The growing enterprise importance of big data has flooded this sector with blooming job opportunities. There has been an alarming increase in demand for big data professionals with hefty paying premiums.

By 2018, around 1.7 Million Job opportunities will be there in Big Data domain. Check out Recent Mckinsey Report: Mckinsey Report for Big Data Opportunities

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With the entire focus on big data technology, organizations are leaving no stone unturned for the hunt of big data analysts. It’s not only the IT companies that are hunting for professionals expertise in big data, but there are companies including financial firms, retail organizations, banks, healthcare organizations who are willing to pay any cost for experts in big data.

In this article, we will make you aware of some of the most demanding job titles in Big data field.

So let’s begin.

  1. Big Data Engineer

big data Job profiles

The major roles & responsibilities of Big Data Engineer are as:

  • Builds the design, prepared by data solutions architect.
  • They develop, maintain, test and evaluate big data solutions within organizations.
  • They are also involved in the design of big data solutions.
  • A big data engineer builds large-scale data processing systems.
  • They are an expert in data warehousing solutions.
  • They must be able to work with the latest (NoSQL) database technologies.

Major skills needed are:

  • Should have extensive knowledge in programming or scripting languages like Java, Linux, C++, PHP, Ruby, Python.
  • Expert knowledge regarding different (NoSQL or RDBMS) databases such as MongoDB or Redis.
  • Building data processing systems with Hadoop and Hive using Java or Python should be common knowledge to the big data engineer.

According to PayScale, the median pay in 2015 for a Big Data Engineer was $117,388 USD.

  1. Chief Data Officer


The roles & responsibilities of Chief Data Officer are as:

  • Responsible for the overall data strategy within an organization.
  • Responsibility to ensure that the data is implemented correctly, the data is correct and secure and the customers’ privacy is governed correctly.
  • Manage standard data operating procedures, data accountability policies, data quality standards, data privacy and ethical policies as well.
  • Is responsible to generate more revenue or decrease costs through the use of data.
  • CDO should also be the data conscience of the company.
  • CDO should be made accountable for whatever data is collected, stored, shared, sold or analyzed as well as how the data is collected, stored, shared, sold or analyzed.

According to, the average salary of a Chief Data Officer is $112,000 USD.

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  1. Big Data Manager


The big data manager is the middleman between the technical team members and the strategic management of an organization. The major roles & responsibilities of Big Data Manager are as:

  • They manage the team comprising of Data Scientists, Analysts and Visualizer.
  • To manage expectations of the team, reward certain behaviors and ensure the team keeps moving in the right direction. He/She must create a culture of innovation and creativity within the team and ensure that they are comfortable with rapid changes that are likely to occur in this new field.
  • To separate the good from the bad distractions.
  • To be able to explain the work done by the team members to the senior management.
  • Should be responsible to synchronize the different data requests as well as the different data sources within the organization.
  • Needs to manage the stakeholders within the organization and ensures buy-in on time for the tasks at hand.
  • To develop the business case, manage the planning and budget, decrease any risks involved and ensures sufficient resource allocation.

According to Glassdoor, the mean salary of Big Data manager is approximate $110,000 USD.

  1. Big Data Scientist


The big data scientist is said to be the sexiest (oops) job in the 21st century. Major roles & responsibilities of Data Scientists are as:

  • As big data involves the privacy of consumers, they need to have a set of ethical responsibilities.
  • Understands how to integrate multiple systems and data sets.
  • Responsible for turning stats and data into productive information.
  • To build the algorithms necessary to ask the right questions and find the right answers.
  • Responsible for the development of products.
  • They need to be patient as finding the unknown in massive data sets will take a lot of time and developing the algorithm to uncover new insights will often go by trial-and-error.
  • To be able to link and mash up distinctive data sets to discover new insights.
  • Able to work with potentially incomplete data sources and cleaning data sets to be able to use them.

The average salary of a Big Data Scientist is $118,709 USD.

  1. Big Data Analyst


Major roles & responsibilities of Data Analyst area as:

  • Primarily works with data in a given system and performing analysis on that data set.
  • To help the big data scientist in performing the necessary jobs.
  • To be able to support the business and management with clear and insightful analysis on the data at hand.
  • To perform Alpha/Beta testing based on different hypotheses to directly and indirectly impact different Key Performance Indicators.

The average salary of a big data analyst is $110,000 USD.

  1. Big Data Solutions Architect


Major roles & responsibilities of Data Solutions Architect are as:

  • To describe the structure and behavior of a big data solution and how that big data solution can be delivered
  • To act as a link between the needs of the organization and the big data scientists and the big data engineers.
  • To develop the architecture of big data within an organization on which data scientist can perform various research to develop new insights.
  • To draw sketches of the big data solution architecture then monitors and governs the implementation.

The average salary of Big Data Solutions Architect is $194,000 USD.

  1. Big Data Visualizer


Major roles & responsibilities of Big Data Visualizer are as:

  • To visualize the data in a way that it is understandable for senior management of an organization.
  • To turn abstract information from data analysis into appealing and understandable visualizations that clearly explains the results of the analysis.
  • To create and build compelling data visualizations as well as lead and advice management on how the visualizations work.
  • To tell understandable story from the big data analysis, one which can be understood by the decision makers within an organization.

The average salary of Big Data Visualizer is $ 110,000 USD.

  1. Big Data Consultant


The major roles & responsibilities of a Big Data Consultant are given below:

  • To advise organizations about big data, big data strategy, the implementation of big data, technologies to best fit the needs of the organization and implements the selected big data solution.
  • To design strategies and programs to collect, store, analyze and visualize data from various sources for specific projects.
  • To lead a team and project, while ensuring the quality and on-time delivery according to the specifications.
  • To develop big data solution recommendations and ensure implementation of the chosen big data solution.
  • Perform accurate analysis of the datasets using smart algorithms and the latest big data technologies.
  • To query the data, perform analysis and present findings in a clear and understandable language

The average salary of Big Data Consultant as per PayScale is $95,000 USD.

  1. Big Data Researcher


The major roles & responsibilities of Data Researcher are as:

  • To study the big data possibilities for an organization in depth.
  • To identify, investigate and implement new big data technologies for the organization that will enable new business and product opportunities in diverse areas.
  • To remain aware of advancement in the big data world and have knowledge about and expertise of the latest big data technologies.
  • To validate differently big data technologies before they are implemented throughout an organization.
  • To establish or confirms facts, solves new or existing problems with big data solutions.
  • To develop new ways to acquire, analyze and make sense out of the available big data.

The average salary of Big Data Researcher is $145,000 USD.

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