Two Days National Level Cisco Networking Workshop at Jain University, Bangalore

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Knowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference.

We believe in this quote and hence work on to provide great set of knowledge through our training programs and workshops. Learning is a never ending process but when what we learn can shape our career well. It becomes a more interesting process. Thus providing proper knowledge is our main goal.

On the 5th Oct 2015 I-Medita fraternized with School of Engineering and Technology, Jain University Bangalore with a two days workshop on Cisco Networking. The workshop was coordinated by HOD of the college.

Training such a huge number of students was not easy but we had the support of our assistant training staff well to help our Senior Trainer Mr Jain.

Student’s coordinators provided us great help by quickly taking the registrations. And the college staff managed the seating arrangement both for the seminar and practical workshop

Workshop Day 1:

  • The first half of the day one was reserved for a detailed seminar for all the interested students.
  • In the seminar, all the basic concepts of Cisco Networking were covered.
  • The way network operates, understanding routing and switching.
  • Switches and basic types of switches their use
  • Routers, Firewall, VPN, IP Phone network all the terms were explained in detail
  • Why is networking important and the real time examples of networking were addressed.

Part 2 of Day 1 started with question and answer session. Then snacks were distributed among the students and practice CDs, related videos and handy notes were provided to the students by I-Medita.

Workshop Day 2:

  • Last day of the workshop where all the concepts were put into practice. Senior Trainers and the assistant trainers helped the students getting acquainted with the set of programs and practical’s performed.
  • Demonstrations were shown on real time routers. Main goal of the workshop was that at the end of the day students learn how to design their own networks and how real time routers are configured.
  • Soon with the practical over, it was exam time and time for India’s Biggest Networking Championship Grand Finale.
  • All the students were given one problem, with all students competing with each other the fastest three were chosen. With certificates ready, the students were soon certified and doubt clearing session was at the end of the workshop.

Key Highlights of the Workshop

  • Hands on Demonstrations on Real-time Routers and Switches.
  • Networking devices and their series.
  • Cisco Certifications and their importance.
  • Students learned how networking works in industries.

Devices used in Workshop

  • Routers
  • Switch Different Series of switch were available.
  • Cisco Packet tracer.
  • Telnet Client for remote access.
  • Putty as command line interface.

Yet another triumph success!

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