Two Days National Level workshop On Cisco Networking Conducted at Sastra University, Chennai

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Change is the end result of all true learning.

I-Medita Learning Solutions is known for providing efficient Cisco Certified training to students and help them in better future. For this there are several trainings programs, workshops and Industrial Visits are organized.

One was at the Sastra University, Chennai.

On the 9th Jan 2016, I-Medita in an alliance with Sastra University, Chennai organized a two days workshop on Cisco Networking. The workshop was coordinated by the HODs of the college.

We had our professionally trained senior trainer and assistant trainer to guide the students properly. Training such huge number of students was not a cake walk but it was all possible with coordination of the college staff and student coordinators.

Registrations were taken by the student coordinators and the reservation of the seminar hall and labs was done by the staff.

Workshop on Day 1 (Basic Theory):

The workshop started at 8 am as scheduled. All young minds were present for the workshop. Cisco Training workshop started with theory session including all the basic points as in importance of Cisco Networking. In this theory session all the basic concepts of Cisco Networking were covered.

  • The way network operates, understanding routing and switching.
  • Switches and basic types of switches their use.
  • Routers, Firewall, VPN, IP Phone network all the terms were explained in detail
  • The real time examples of networking were addressed.

The later half of the day also continued with theory session covering basics of

  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • Subnetting and masking.
  • Students were also told about the books, notes available for them by I-Medita.

Workshop on Day 2 (Practical):

On day two of the workshop, all the knowledge was put into action. Student coordinators and college staff again provided a great help by arranging proper labs and seating arrangement for the practical session. Students were well guided by our professional trainers to use the well set up programs and networking configurations. Real-time demonstrations were shown and soon all the students were well acquainted with the practicals.

Then it was exam time where all the students were given a problem and all were competing against each other, fastest three among them were chosen and all were given certified and the doubt clearing session was at the last of the workshop.

Devices used in Workshop:

  • Routers
  • Switch Different Series of switches are available.
  • Cisco Packet tracer.
  • Telnet Client for remote access.
  • Putty as command line interface.

“The expert in anything was once a beginner”.

In this way, our day ended with a successful workshop.

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