E-Book: An Ultimate Guide to Cisco CCNA Certifications

by | Nov 8, 2014 | CCNA, Self Study Guides | 1 comment

Are you interested in Networking Field? Planning to take Cisco CCNA Certification? Then you are at the right place. 

Cisco created various CCNA Certifications which help professionals to take a path for enhancing their careers.

Cisco Certified Network Associate-CCNA is a popular and highly sought after IT certification developed by Cisco Systems.

A CCNA certification can help you get your first networking job or get help with your career progression if you currently work in Information Technology (IT).

Here’s what you will learn with this eBook:

  1. What is CCNA?
  2. Types of CCNA Certifications.
  3. Prerequisite for all CCNA Certification.
  4. What are the exams to be taken?
  5. Job Profiles.
  6. Exam Details


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