What is CCNP Cloud Certification, Exam Details and Job Profiles

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The CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) is a set of IT certifications offered by the company Cisco. Cisco is popular as a pioneer in the field of networking solutions and also well-known for the manufacturing and selling of other high-tech devices and software.

The CCNP Certifications are offered in different tracks, one of which is the CCNP Cloud certification. It focuses on giving cloud engineers, administrators, designers, architects the knowledge and skills required to design and manage Cloud systems and provide organizations Infrastructure-as-a-service.

The CCNP Cloud certification is prominently based on giving candidates lab training in using this Cloud technology and making them job-ready.

How to become CCNP Cloud Certified?

According to Cisco’s prerequisites, candidates must first have either a valid CCNA Cloud or any valid CCIE certification before attempting the CCNP Cloud exams. After that, they can attain the certification by passing the following exams:

Exam Number 300-460 CLDINF 300-465 CLDDES 300-470 CLDAUT 300-475 CLDACI
Exam Duration 90 minutes 90 minutes 90 minutes 90 minutes
No. of Questions Asked 55-65 questions 55-65 questions 55-65 questions 55-65 questions
Available Languages English English English English

CCNP Cloud Recertification:

The CCNP Cloud certification is valid for three years and can be renewed by giving any of the recertification exams prescribed by Cisco. This ensures that certificate holders are up-to-date with the latest developments in their field, thereby remaining relevant over time.

Why should you get a CCNP Cloud Certification?

With the onset of the digital era, almost every organization generates large amounts of data, be it their client base, product inventory, operations documentation, company records, or just about any other digital data that requires to be stored. However, building the infrastructure and technologies for the easy storage and retrieval of this data can be extremely expensive and time consuming. This makes cloud storage extremely appealing to businesses, as it provides them instant storage-space, which can be scaled up or down as per their requirements while also providing them extra services at competitive prices.

The large-scale adoption of cloud storage has given rise to new roles and responsibilities in the networking sector, and cloud experts are in very high demand. Given that Cisco is one of the front-runners in Cloud technologies, they are in a unique position to impart knowledge and practical skills to professionals wishing to further their careers in this field.

A CCNP Cloud certification qualifies a professional in designing, implementing and troubleshooting Cisco Cloud and Intercloud Solutions. Given Cisco’s heritage in the IT industry, a Cisco certification also provides undeniable credibility to the skills and expertise of a professional. It also helps them achieve career growth and earn a higher paycheque.

Popular roles in the Cloud Domain:
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cloud Designer
  • Cloud Architect


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