What is VPN – Virtual Private Network

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Introduction to Virtual Private Network- VPN

In the present era all organisations want easy connectivity to their customers. To make this connection internet plays an important role. It provides the platform where the organisations and its customers can connect and interact5 with each other.

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The other common requirement of organisations is connectivity between their branches. For this there are two options, dedicated leased line or broadband connection. Broadband internet connection is generally preferred for this over leased lines as it is much cheaper.

When we are using internet, we are basically using a public network and getting connected to everyone who is already on internet. This is good as well as bad. Good because it gives easy access for customers, but at the same time it is bad as it opens up ways for people who want to steal sensitive and important information of the organisation.

So as an engineer you will have to obtain two things:-

  1. Connectivity between branches
  2. Connectivity with the world

To secure the data transmission between branches over internet we use Virtual Private Network (VPN). The data is sent in the form so that only the desired party can understand it. At the same time it is also ensured that it does not get altered mid way.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN can be categorised in many types based on the solutions, implementations or requirements. In this chapter VPN will be categorised and explained in two ways:-

  • Based on Layered Approach of OSI or TCP/IP
  • Based on Protocols

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