Who is a campus ambassador (CA)

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In laymen terms, as the name suggests, Campus Ambassador CA is someone who is in a campus and is a representative of that. What exactly does a Representative mean? What would she need to do? Let’s understand it from the logical perspective rather than just highlights. India being a young nation, with an age of 68 years only has developed a huge potential in terms of business, growth, development, learning, sharing and many more. With the going on BJP regime, we have startup India which has spread across the world. Companies are popping up daily and moral/ emotional/ financial support is being given to the people to start up on their own and same is with those who have already built big business houses. Now young students are the future of any country, especially of India which is going to be the youngest nation in coming decades. Every business house wants to market/reach to the direct consumers with long vision in mind and for that reach they hire/promote campus ambassador programs. You know it’s like hiring a Japanese person to build a business in Japan. Similarly companies/brands need Campus people to promote their brands in their respective campus. They generally work on pay-as-they-brand model i.e. more the campus ambassadors help these companies generate business/reach, more they get paid up. Now comes a question, why should I promote their brand in my college? Wonderful one, see it logically though. Let’s consider that you have got a placement after college. What do you think will be your job role? To work on the designated job! – (technical support, technical products, sales, HR, marketing, accounts or more). Right? Now what skills are needed to carry out your job or what skills it takes to get into the company? Many students/people/parents/well-wishers think, that knowing technical stuff will get you a tech job easily. That’s a myth my friend. You have to sell your skills. How is selling related to a technical interview? Not digestible right? Little truths are not! You got to sell your skills, whatever you know, you have to speak up, explain, convince and a lot more to HR/Interviewer. You are not able to speak/sell/convince you go home and forget about the job. Now, when you become campus ambassadors or participate in any such activities which help you remove your shyness, stage fear and boost your confidence in speaking and convincing then you are many steps closer to clear your interview. Hope this convinces you about why you should become campus ambassadors and promote the brands. Why they pay less as compared to what return they get from it. Wonderful question! This means it is worth becoming a Campus Ambassador and now you are planning of earning through same. I will again share a very nice situation. Think that you are planning to learn a new technology or a new skill. What do you do? You find someone professional to guide you or you learn online. Right. So either way you spend something, which is money or time. But by becoming campus ambassadors and working as per the guidance of corporate people you learn a lot in the process and they pay you as well. Do you see the irony? In one case you paid and spent time in learning a skill and here they are teaching you and paying as well. I hope you are interested in what you learn out of this association rather that what they are getting or you are getting. Some companies do not even pay, what you get in return is a huge learning. I can assure you one thing my friend, you want to be a good manager or an amazing entrepreneur or carry forward a family business, you must undergo such activities right from college days. Another example for same, for example, it is 12 in afternoon; you generally have your lunch at 2PM. Now you feel like having your favorite dish at 2 this noon and you want to prepare it yourself. What do you do? You start collecting vegetables, recipe and everything which is required right from 12 itself and by 1.45 you will be able to finish off and have that delicious dish ready at 2PM and enjoy. Or, you would enjoy Facebook/Whatsapp/chitchatting/shopping/playing games from 12-1PM and still want to eat that food you wished for. Now see logically, it takes time to prepare that dish right? You cannot make it in 1 hour. What options you got now. A) Start preparing it at 1 and eat at 3 B) Forget about it and eat Maggi 😉 Hope you got the point. Chop your vegetables right from college days to have an amazing dish while at end of final year or postpone your eating time or settle for less than what you could have had. What roles you have to perform as a campus ambassador? It has no specific answer however I will still mention few points as per my experience.

  1. You will have to promote the brand by various means. Social, traditional SMS/Whatsapp, word of mouth, posters, organizing small events.
  2. Might have to do some survey for the brand by speaking to potential students or customers.
  3. Might have to encourage more people to become campus ambassador with them.
  4. Help the company in reaching the decision makers in the college/zone.
  5. Write content, digital marketing, seo

*She has been used to save space instead of writing he/she again and again and to be able to counterpart gender inequality by the author of this post. About author: Campus ambassador with over 10 companies in his college days. Left a high paying job offer letter to work with a startup being their first employee. Left that startup due to family and moved into another 5 years old startup still struggling to cope up with a new business they wanted. Moved out of same and now started on his own with some amazing co founders and a brilliant team in June 2014 and their company is totally bootstrapped with turnover above 1.5 Crore and expected to be a 10 Crore company within next five years.


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