Why Cisco CCNA Certification is not Necessary to get a Job

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Why CCNA certification is not necessary to get a job!

You must have heard that asking the right questions gives right answers!

I would like to mend the question a bit, why do I need to do CCNA certification? Is it necessary to get a job? Can I get a job without CCNA certification?

Okay, well as in my previous blogs I have tried to look at things with the means of certain examples and situations, let’s understand a situation here as well.

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While you are applying for a job (networking in this case) you are going to be hired for either of the location, Client location or home location.

  • Client location means – In case Dimension Data (one of the biggest network engineer’s employer) is hiring you on their payroll, they might make you work in the premises of one of their client at client’s office not Dimension Data’s office.
  • Home Location – You will be working in Dimension data office, meeting every one with DD (Dimension Data) ID cards 😉

Now your location is dependent on the nature of project that is being carried out by Dimension Data for the concerned client, if the sales team of DD has promised a person on Client location, you will surely be deployed there permanently to take care of their project at first hand.

And here comes the catch, if the sales team has promised or the client has specifically asked for a certified person to be deployed then the hiring’s would be for the Certified person only else all that matters is the knowledge of the candidate.

One good news: We have even seen cases while we placed some of our students that if companies like a person as per his knowledge will hire him irrespective of his certification and will allow some time to him/her to get certification after releasing offer letter.

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