We Love Job Oriented Training (And You Will, Too!)

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Richard Marcinko said, “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in war”. Same things apply to our professional journey, the more we train our self on technologies the better our professional journey becomes. That is the reason we love our Job Oriented Trainings!. We are sure you would love to spend 3.5 minutes of reading below:

We, I-Medita, have been deeply pained by certain circumstances that prevail in the country.

  • Engineering colleges and universities publishing themselves as 100% job provider after BTech/BE/ Engineering and placing students only in “Bulk Hiring Companies” “Average package companies” where engineers are just engineers by degree and labors and workers by profession and there exists many colleges where these giant companies are also afraid of going.
  • Professional training institutes claiming to have 100% job guaranteed training and defaming the whole placement thing by not even having a single person dedicated for placements.
  • Good companies are not able to hire good candidates as the education system is totally clueless about how to make students employable. 70% of the time our education system is just making us get a degree and get out of college (we are considering the majority of companies and colleges, few have the exception).

 (I am sure, the one who is reading the article has spent 25 seconds till here, has been through either of the situation above or will come across in pre-final or final year of his/her engineering or when he will be at hiring post in a company)

We at I-Medita tried to understand this pain of companies, students and colleges and spoke to many company HRs, Founders, Senior leaders, top decision makers of universities and understood that the solution to all this is overall development of the candidate during his/her engineering degree with complete independence to student’s choice of professional courses.

Coming to the direct point, I-Medita after discussion with some of above said hot shot personalities concluded top courses in demand in industry and for which we are getting job openings. We have customized our training according to the needs of industry. We have tried to explain the same below:

  1. 100% Job Oriented Training in Android Application Development:

job oriented training in andorid We came across many students asking us that why you are charging Rs 40,000 for android training where as many institutes are giving this at just Rs 20-25,000 only! Our answer is very simple. We believe in producing results in terms of placements and making a student industry ready. Our Android App development training will make a student’s undergo training for “Java + UI/UX Designing + Android Application Development + Payment Gateway and social media integration” Check out more details on Android Development Job Oriented Training Program. This complete training genuinely takes 4-5 months and so do we charge our training fees accordingly.

2. 100% Job Oriented Training in Networking:

job oriented training in networking There are 1000s of people undergoing CCNA training and certifications all over the country every week but still unplaced and unemployed. Why?

Dear friend, every human and similarly every Company expects little more from you and expect you to have good knowledge of CCNP as well and if you have good knowledge of CCNA + CCNP and no certification(Read more about how certifications are not necessary for getting jobs) and still not getting a good job then what is the problem?

We found out that “Networking fundamentals + CCNA + CCNP Switching + BGP (advanced) + MPLS(advanced) + Monitoring tools(industry specific) + MCSE(Desktop infrastructure)” can make a person a deadly combination in just 4-5 months and save a lot of money, time and efforts and get a handsome paying job.

You may check all the details about the training course from here.

Some points to ponder:

  1. I-Medita gives your receipt of every transaction you make, we prefer fees transactions online or by card.
  2. We give you 100% job guarantee letter on the letter head of the company with the signature of one of the director, as we are a Private Limited company, we ensure that our director signs the letter for you, to bring more credibility to job guarantee letter.
  3. All students who get enrolled at I-Medita are personally interviewed and things are discussed with them openly if we can offer them job guarantee or not and what changes they will have to make in themselves in order to become employable!

You would love to speak to our educational counselor Mr. Sugandh at 08750004411 as he will patiently listen to your doubts and advice back accordingly. He will not speak what you want to listen, but he will speak what can help you best even if that means hurting your expectations and making you see the reality. Even if he feels that I-Medita cannot help you, he will guide who can help you better and make you more independent and competitive.

I-Medita will be your success partner in your career and will earn their daily bread and butter by making sure that after the training you earn yours and achieve success in your professional life.


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