Check Point Firewall Training Course in Delhi-NCR (CCSA + CCSE)

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    Classroom & Online

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    1 Month

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    2-4 Hours a Day

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    INR 20,000

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    (Mon-Thu) & (Sat-Sun)

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Check Point Firewall Training Course in Delhi-NCR (CCSA + CCSE)

Check Point Software Technologies is a leader in security solutions. Check Point provides multilevel security architecture for networks, cloud, mobile operations to protect from malware, ransomware, cyber-attacks.

The Checkpoint Firewall Training course from I-Medita lays the foundation for Checkpoint Certifications; CCSA & CCSE which prove your expertise in Check Point Security Products & Solutions. CCSA stands for Check Point Certified Security Administrator. CCSE stands for Check Point Certified Security Engineering.

What is the Checkpoint Firewall Training Course (CCSA + CCSE)?

The Checkpoint Firewall Training Course provides you basic and advanced level knowledge and skills required to configure Check Point security gateway, security policies, manage and monitor secure networks, advanced firewall, clustering and acceleration, advanced user management, advanced IPsec VPN and remote access, auditing and reporting.

I-Medita conducts Checkpoint Firewall training course in Delhi-NCR. Our courses are intensive class room based trainings along with a huge emphasis on Lab sessions. Our Check Point Firewall Training Course is aligned with Check Point CCSA & CCSE Certification.

Who should take Checkpoint Firewall Course?

  • Professionals who work on installation, deployment, or administration of Check Point Software Blades can take this course to enhance their capabilities.
  • Professionals who wish to achieve CCSA / CCSE Certification to prove their expertise in Check Point Products & Solutions will be able to prepare thoroughly with this course.

Pre-requisites for Checkpoint Firewall Course

You should have fundamental knowledge of:

  • TCP / IP and Windows
  • Unix, Networking and Internet

Job profiles available after Checkpoint Firewall Course

Our Check Point Firewall Training course makes you eligible to apply for positions such as

  • Firewall Administrator
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Firewall Engineer
  • Network Security Administrator

I-Medita Free Demo Session

We at I-Medita provide a Free Demo Session for security professionals with our Certified Trainers & Industry Experts. It gives you an experience of how are trainings are conducted. You also get to see our state of the art Labs equipped with Check Point products. You will also be able to gain insights about career opportunities in network security and growth prospects.

Batch Details

I-Medita arranges multiple batches a day for Check Point Firewall Training course in Delhi-NCR. All our trainers are Certified Networking Professionals and Industry Experts. We limit the number of students in a single batch to less than 20 for personalized attention to students.

Check Point Firewall
Track Regular (Mon-Fri) Weekend (Sat-Sun)

30 Days

1.5 Months


2 Hours a Day

3 Hours a Day


INR 20,000

INR 20,000

Devices to be used during Check Point Training

We specifically ensure that our students get ample working knowledge of Check Point Security Gateway Appliances and Management Platforms during the Check Point Firewall Training Course.

  • Security Gateway Appliances (Firewall): 3100 / 3200 / 5100 / 5200 / 5400 / 5600 / 5800 / 5900
  • SMART-1: Security Management Platform: 405 /410 / 525 /5050 /5150
  • Software Operating: R80

What will you learn in this Check Point Firewall Training Course?

Check Point Firewall Training Course focuses on the following aspects of Network Security.
This course aims to make you adept at handling Check Point Security products. In this course, you will learn:

  • Introduction to Check Point technology
  • Deployment platforms
  • Introduction to the Security Policy
  • Monitoring traffic and connections
  • Network Address Translation
  • Using SmartUpdate
  • User management and authentication
  • Identity Awareness
  • Introduction to Check Point VPNs
  • Upgrading Check Point Modules
  • Advanced Firewall
  • Clustering and Acceleration
  • Advanced User Management
  • Advanced IPSec VPN and Check Point Capsule
  • Threat Prevention
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Auditing and Reporting

At I-Medita, we underline the importance of Practical Trainings and Lab Sessions. We have an up to date infrastructure for our students. Our Training rooms and Labs are fitted with digital writing pads, AC, Wi-Fi and Projectors. Our students can access Labs 24*7 for additional practice sessions as per their convenience.

What are the outcomes of Check Point Firewall Training Course?

You will have an extensive knowledge and understanding of the overall functionalities and technical concepts of Check Point security Products.

  • You will be proficient at installation, deployment, administration, configuration and management of Check Point Next Generation Firewalls.
  • You will be well prepared and ready to take on the Check Point CCSA & CCSE Certification examination
  • You will be set to embark on your journey as Firewall Administrator, Network Security Engineer, Firewall Engineer, Network Security Administrator.

What is the Check Point Firewall Training Course Curriculum?

I-Medita Check Point Firewall Training Course curriculum is very uniquely designed bearing in mind the specific requirements of Check Point Certifications. This course covers the modules to be studied in both, Check Point CCSA + CCSE Certifications. This is remarkably helpful for methodical preparations of Check Point Certification exams.

Course Topics

  • Check Point Security Management Architecture (SMART)
  • The Check Point Firewall features
  • Security Gateway Inspection Architecture
  • Check Point Firewall Infrastructure
  • Check point Deployment Considerations
  • Check Point Smart Console Clients
  • Security Management Server
  • Securing Channels of Communication
  • Check Point Deployment Platforms
  • Check Point Gaia
  • Security Policy Basics
  • Managing Objects & Creating the Rule Base
  • Rule Base Management
  • Policy Management and Revision Control
  • Policy creation
  • SmartView Tracker ,SmartView Monitor
  • Monitoring Suspicious
  • Activity Rules
  • Gateway Status
  • SmartView Tracker vs.SmartView Monitor
  • Introduction to NAT & Manual NAT
  • SmartUpdate and Managing Licenses
  • Viewing License Properties
  • Service Contracts
  • Creating Users and Groups
  • Security Gateway Authentication
  • User Authentication, Session Authentication & Client Authentication
  • LDAP User Management with UserDirectory
  • Introduction to Identity
  • The Check Point VPN
  • VPN Deployments & Implementation
  • VPN Topologies
  • Special VPN Gateway Conditions
  • Access Control and VPN Communities
  • Integrating VPNs into a Rule Base
  • Remote Access VPNs
  • Corporate and Branch Office
  • Backup and Restore Security Gateways and Management Servers
  • Upgrading Standalone Full High Availability
  • VRRP, Clustering and Acceleration
  • ClusterXL: Load Sharing
  • Maintenance Tasks and Tools
  • Management HA
  • SecureXL: Security Acceleration
  • CoreXL: Multicore Acceleration
  • Advanced VPN Concepts and Practices
  • Remote Access VPNs
  • Multiple Entry Point VPNs
  • Tunnel Management
  • VPN Debug
  • Third Party Certificates
  • Security VPN
  • SmartEvent, SmartEvent Architecture & SmartReporter

For more in-depth course curriculum information – please check Check Point Firewall Training Course Curriculum Details.

Training Labs

We have ultra-modern Training Labs and provide ample Lab sessions for Practical implementations of Check Point products. This makes our students confident of independently configuring and managing Check Point Next Gen Firewalls

  • Explore Checkpoint Firewall Features
  • Distributed Installation
  • Branch Office Security Gateway Installation
  • CLI Tools
  • Building a Security
  • Configure the DMZ
  • Monitoring with SmartView Tracker
  • Configure NAT
  • Configuring User Directory
  • Identity Awareness
  • Site-to-site VPN Between Core CLI Elements of Firewall Administration
  • Migrating to a Clustering Solution
  • Configure Site-to-Site VPNs with Remote Access with Endpoint
  • Configuring SmartDashboard to Interface with Active Directory
  • Configure Site-to-Site VPNs with Third Party Certificates
  • Remote Access with Endpoint Security VPN
  • SmartEvent and SmartReporter

Post Training Support & Placement

When students enroll for our Check Point Firewall Training Course, we provide them an option of 3 refresher courses, as and when required by the students, with no additional fees. We have 24 hour dedicated help support via Chat, Whatsapp and Emails to resolve students’ doubts, queries.

We provide 100% placement assistance to our students. We guide them in all aspects right from how to prepare Resumes, to how to approach Job interviews confidently. We have compiled a network security question bank with 100+ questions based on theory and practical sessions. This comprehensive study material is very useful for systematic preparations for examinations, certifications and Interviews.

Check Point Certification CCSA & CCSE – Exam Preparation

#156-215.80 Check Point Security Administration R80 CCSA
#156-315.80 Check Point Security Engineering R80 CCSE

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Prerequisites for Check Point CCSA & CCSE Certification

The pre-requisites for CCSA Certification are that you should have knowledge of TCP/IP and routing fundamentals.

The pre-requisites for CCSE Certification are that you should have cleared CCSA Certification.

What is the process to schedule Check Point CCSA & CCSE Certification Exam?

Check Point Professional Certification exams are conducted by Pearson Vue, their authorized testing vendors. Please schedule your CCSA & CCSE examination via the Pearson Vue Website

What types of questions are asked in Check Point CCSA & CCSE Certification Exam?

Check Point CCSA & CCSE Certification Exam includes following types of questions.

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Scenarios based questions

Questions will not have multiple answers. You will have to “Select the Best” answer

How many questions to be answered & what is the passing percentage?

Check Point CCSA & CCSE Certification exam has about 100 questions, which have to be completed in 90-minutes. You are required to score more than 70% marks to obtain the certification.

What is Cost of Check Point CCSA & CCSE Certification?

Check Point CCSA & CCSE Certification costs $250 + Local Taxes. Fees are payable in US Dollars.

How long is the Check Point CCSA & CCSE Certification valid?

Check Point CCSA & CCSE Certification is valid for Two years. Please remember to renew your certification before the expiry date.

Our Trainers

Saurabh Yadav

Saurabh Yadav

Triple CCIE R&S, SP, Security # 46962

Baldev Singh

Baldev Singh

CCIE Security #37094

Sudhanshu Bhat

Sudhanshu Bhat

CCIE Voice # 41212

Surendra Singh

Surendra Singh

CCIE R&S # 60346

Shubham Singh

Shubham Singh

CCIE Security # 58858

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