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Join Cisco SDA Training and master Cisco Software-Defined Access technology with I-Medita’s Cisco SDA Training/Cisco SD Access Training/ Cisco DNAC Training.

Cisco is a pioneer in the field of networking and continuously introduces new and innovative software, tools, applications for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Networks. Software-Defined Access (Cisco SDA or Cisco SD-Access) is one such fast emerging revolutionary solution that makes networks more secure, and user experience more consistent by automating user policy and device provisioning.

Such a solution is absolutely the need of the hour because Digitization has transformed the business in a big way. Users carry out activities via wired or wireless connections using multiple devices by accessing websites or Mobile apps etc. Cisco SD Access not only fortifies networks but also provides a consistent user experience.

I-Medita is the foremost Cisco Authorized Training Centers to conduct Cisco SDA Training Course. Before we provide detailed information about Cisco SD Access Training Course, let us get acquainted with what is Cisco SDA, Cisco SD Access, Cisco DNA.

What is Cisco SDA, Cisco SD Access & Cisco DNAC?

As mentioned in a Cisco Article: “Cisco Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) is a critical building block of Cisco DNA and brings the principles and advantages of Cisco DNA to Cisco customers”

Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) is designed for the digitization of a network through automation, assurance, security, and segmentation of processes. Cisco DNA Center (Cisco DNAC) is a single, extensible software platform for the management of the entire network. It offers an intent-based networking controller for automation of policies, segmentation, and service configurations. It provides an assurance engine to guarantee the best network experience for all your users.

Cisco Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) is the next generation Enterprise Networking access solution. Cisco Software-Defined Access (Cisco SDA) implements intent-based networking principles. The foundation of Cisco SD Access is controller-based architecture, network fabric and programmable infrastructure.

Cisco SD Access provides visibility-based, automated end-to-end segmentation for separating user, device, and application traffic. Cisco SDA applies unified access policies across LAN & WAN for providing a consistent user experience anytime, anywhere. Cisco SDA makes it faster & easier to manage traffic, regulatory compliance, and security. 


The Cisco SDA Training Course educates candidates right from the terminology, concepts, features of Cisco Software Defined Access (SD-Access) to more elaborate activities such as provisioning, policies, wireless integration, border operations, and migration strategies. Eventually, you will become skilled at successfully deploying Cisco Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) solution in an enterprise network.

I-Medita is one of the earliest Cisco training providers to launch the Cisco SDA Training Course. We provide Instructor Led Classrooms as well as Instructor-Led Online Training Model. Our course curriculum provides ample hands-on practice and extensive Lab exercises to have a complete understanding of Cisco SD-Access solutions and make you competent to implement SD-Access in the real world. 

We would like to mention here, that sometimes Cisco SDA training is also referred to as Cisco SD Access Training or Cisco DNAC Training or Cisco DNAC SD Access Training


  • System Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • Technical Architects
  • Sr Network Engineers
  • Network Solution Architect
  • Network Administrator
  • NOC Engineer
  • Network Implementation Engineers
  • Technical Support Professionals having at least six months to one years’ experience can take this course to progress further in their careers


  • Cisco recommends that in order to take this course, candidates must have knowledge equivalent to Cisco Routing & Switching Certification level.
  • Candidates should have basic knowledge of Software Defined Networks.
  • Having six months hands-on experience working with Command-Line Programs (CLI), Cisco Internetwork Operating Systems (Cisco IOS), Cisco IOS XE (open & flexible operating system) will prove to be an added advantage.


We at I-Medita provide a Free Demo Session for Candidates who wish to enroll in our Cisco SDA Training Course. This presents them an occasion to interact with our Cisco Certified Trainers & Experts, obtain guidance about career prospects in Cisco SDA. You also get a first-hand experience of how our Classroom and Online training are delivered.

Our Training rooms and labs are equipped with digital writing pads, AC, Wi-Fi and Projectors. At I-Medita, we firmly believe that “Practice makes one perfect”. Hence, we emphasize on Practical Training and Lab Sessions. Our labs are open 24*7 for students to practice at their convenience. We also provide a physical/virtual tour of our state-of-the-art labs after the Free Demo Session.

Training Cost and Duration

I-Medita conducts multiple batches of Cisco SDA Training Course. All our trainers are Cisco Certified and Industry Experts. We consciously limit the number of students every batch so that we can provide individual attention to our students and ensure a great learning experience.

Cisco SDA Training
Track Regular (Mon-Fri) Weekend (Sat-Sun)

20 Hours

20 Hours


2-4 Hours per day

2-4 Hours per day


Call +91-8750004411

Call +91-8750004411


During Cisco SDA Training you will build a strong foundation of Cisco’s SD-Access concepts, features, benefits, terminology. You will gain comprehensive knowledge of Cisco SD-Access Implementation, Border Operations, Wireless Integration, Assurance & Migration Orchestration as well as how Cisco SD-Access fits in the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA).


On successful completion of the course, you will have a thorough understanding of:

  • Cisco SD Access Technology Importance.
  • Each of the building blocks of SD-Access Solution
  • Concept of “Fabric” and different node types. (Fabric Edge Nodes, Control Plane Nodes, Border Nodes)
  • Role of LISP in Control Plane and VXLAN in Data Plane for SD-Access Solution
  • Functions of DNA Center as solution orchestrator and Intelligent GUI
  • 4 Steps Workflow approach in DNA Center – Design, Policy, Provision and Assurance
  • How Cisco SD-Access relates to Cisco DNA
  • Organizing Cisco SD-Access solution using Cisco DNA Center orchestration platform
  • Network Data Platform to demonstrate assurance & analytics capabilities of SD-Access


I-Medita is India’s Most Trusted Networking Training Company and comprises of all modules specified in the Cisco Blue Prints for imparting respective Cisco Trainings. Cisco SDA Training course curriculum is as follows:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Cisco’s Software Defined Access (SD-Access)
  • Module 2: SD-Access Campus Fabric
  • Module 3: DNA Center and Workflow for SD-Access
  • Module 4: DNA Center Workflow First Step – Design
  • Module 5: DNA Center Workflow Second Step – Policy
  • Module 6: DNA Center Workflow Third Step – Provision
  • Module 7: DNA Center Workflow Fourth Step – Assurance
  • Module 8: Implementing WLAN in SD-Access Solution
  • Module 9: Campus Fabric External Connectivity for SD-Access

For more in-depth course curriculum information – please check Cisco SDA Training Course Curriculum Details.


I-Medita provides a special emphasis on providing practical training and hands-on experience working with Cisco Devices, Routers, Switches, DNAC, and other SD-Access devices during the Cisco SD Access Training Course.  The objective of Cisco SD-Access Lab training sessions is to make students well versed with Preparing the Devices, understanding the important aspects of DNA Center Design Configuration, understanding Manual Device Discovery of Fabric Devices, LAN Automation aspects, Macro Segmentation principles, Micro-Segmentation methods, Implementing Assurance & Monitoring.

  • Lab 1 – DNAC Restore
  • Lab 2 – DNAC & ISE Integration
  • Lab 3 – Configuring Border Switch Initial Configuration
  • Lab 4 – Configuring Fusion Router Initial Configuration
  • Lab 5 – DNAC Design – Network Hierarchy – Site & Building
  • Lab 6 – DNAC Design – Server Configuration – AAA, NTP, DHCP
  • Lab 7 – DNAC Design – Device Credentials
  • Lab 8 – DNAC Design – IP Address Pools
  • Lab 9 – Configuring Skinny Configuration on the Edge Nodes
  • Lab 10 – Configuring Underlay Network – OSPF
  • Lab 11 – Device Discovery & Provisioning
  • Lab 12 – DNAC Discovery – Discover the Seed Device (Border)
  • Lab 13 – DNAC Provisioning – Assign the Seed Device
  • Lab 14 – DNAC Provisioning – Enable LAN Automation to Discover the Fabric Devices
  • Lab 15 – DNAC Provisioning – Provision the Fabric Devices
  • Lab 16 – DNAC Design – Reserve the IP Pools for HQ Site
  • Lab 17 – DNAC Policy – Create the Virtual Networks
  • Lab 18 – Create the Transit Network (L3HANDOFF)
  • Lab 19 – Configure Host-Onboarding
  • Lab 20 – Provision the Device Roles – Control/Border
  • Lab 21 – Provision the Device Roles – Edge
  • Lab 22 – Configure the Fusion Router
  • Lab 23 – Configure User & Groups on ISE
  • Lab 24 – Configure Authorization Profiles for the DNAC VNs
  • Lab 25 – Configure Authorization Policies for the DNAC VNs
  • Lab 26 – Configure the DHCP Server with DNAC Pools
  • Lab 27 – Verifying Macro Segmentation – East/West – North/South
  • Lab 28 – Create the SGT
  • Lab 29 – Re-configure ISE Authorization Policies to use SGTs
  • Lab 30 – Using a default contract to block all communications between SGTs
  • Lab 31 – Creating a SG ACL – Contract
  • Lab 32 – Applying and verifying a Custom SG ACL- Contract
  • Lab 33 – Network Health
  • Lab 34 – Client Health
  • Lab 35 – Path discovery
  • Lab 36 – Templates
  • Lab 37 – Configuring L2 Handoff


I-Medita is committed to providing outstanding support to our students during and after the course completion. We offer our students 24*7 support via Chat, Whatsapp, and Emails. We encourage our students to interact with our Trainers to get their doubts queries resolved.  We offer free Refresher Training to our students.

We offer 100% placement assistance to all our students. We guide them on how to prepare impressive resumes. We share frequently asked questions and conduct mock interviews for a thorough preparation of job interviews. 

Cisco SDA Training

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