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What is BIG-IP DNS (formerly GTM)?

GTM stands for Global Traffic Manager. It defines protocols to control and manage network traffic in the most efficient manner. Global Traffic Manager provides a secure access and optimal response times to all concurrent visitors of websites. Global Traffic Manager ensures users have seamless access from any part of the world, at any time of the day on every device such as your laptop, tablet or Smartphone.

Global Traffic Manager (GTM) uses a blend of software and hardware, load balancing algorithms, topology-based routing, and iRules to control and distribute traffic according to specific policies. Networking professionals who are interested in Global Traffic Management Solutions must attend I-Medita's F5 GTM Training / F5 DNS Training course to become certified experts in their field.

What is F5 GTM Training / F5 DNS Training?

I-Medita conducts the F5 GTM Training course / F5 DNS Training Course for Networking professionals having a working knowledge of F5 BIG-IP Systems. This course provides in-depth knowledge about features and functionalities of F5 BIG-IP DNS (formerly GTM) systems, and makes you competent to install, set up configure and manage BIG-IP DNS sync groups that span across multiple data centers.

Who should attend I-Medita F5 GTM Training / F5 DNS Training?

  • Networking Professionals presently working hands-on and managing F5 products & solutions should take this course to enhance their knowledge and efficiency.
  • System Administrators and Network administrators should enroll in the F5 GTM
    Training course to become skilled and proficient in installation, setup, configuration and administration of BIG-IP DNS systems
  • Professionals who aspire to become F5 Certified Technology Specialists should attend this training course for a meticulous preparation for their certification exam.

What are the pre-requisites for F5 GTM Training / F5 DNS Training?

  • The pre-requisites for attending F5 GTM / F5 DNS Training Course are, that you should have thorough knowledge of, networking technology concepts such as OSI model encapsulation, Routing and switching, Ethernet and ARP, TCP/IP concepts, IP addressing and Subnetting, NAT and private IP addressing, Default gateway, Network firewalls, LAN vs. WAN
  • Although not compulsory, F5 recommends, that you should be familiar with DNS Resolution, have some experience of configuring DNS Content & Resolution Servers, and DNSSEC before enrolling for the F5 GTM Training course / F5 DNS Training Course.

Free Demo Session for F5 GTM / F5 DNS Training

I-Medita arranges a Free Demo Session for all Training Courses. This provides you a sneak peek of how I-Medita Classroom & Online Trainings are conducted. It is also a great chance to interact with our Expert Trainers and discuss any of your queries or apprehensions regarding the F5 GTM/DNS Training. After the Free Demo Session, we provide you a tour of I-Medita facilities. Our Training rooms and Labs are fitted with digital writing pads, AC, Wi-Fi and Projectors. Our state of the art Lab facilities are equipped with the latest virtual f5 equipment’s for hands on practical training.

Batch Details

I-Medita organizes various batches of F5 GTM / F5 DNS trainings on weekdays and weekends, to suit the schedules of working professionals and provide them flexibility to attend courses at timings most to them.

All our F5 trainers are Certified Networking Professionals and provide expert guidance on all aspects of F5 GTM / F5 DNS. I-Medita restricts the number of students, to maximum 20 per batch. We can thus provide individual attention to our students and ensure thorough understanding of concepts and practical aspects.

F5 GTM Training
Track Regular (Mon-Thu) Weekend (Sat-Sun)

6 Days

6 Days





INR 15,000

INR 15,000

What you will learn in F5 GTM Training / F5 DNS Training?

During the F5 GTM Training course you will get acquainted with BIG-IP DNS system and its practical real world applications. The objective of this course is to make you well versed with role of GTM in the DNS resolution process, Global server load balancing, wide IPs, and wide IP pools, how GTM uses iQuery to communicate with other BIG-IP systems. You will become skilled at creating topology records and applying topology load balancing to select a DNS query response based on geolocation information. Finally, you will become competent to set up a GTM sync group that spans multiple data centers.

F5 GTM Training / F5 DNS Training Course Curriculum

I-Medita F5 GTM/DNS Training course curriculum adheres to F5 BIG-IP DNS Certification Exam Blue Print and covers all modules, thus preparing you for the F5 BIG-IP DNS Certified Technology Specialists Examination. The course contents include:

  • Overview of the Domain Name System and DNS resolution flow through BIG-IP DNS
  • Configuring DNS listeners
  • Accelerating DNS resolution with DNS Express, DNS cache, and DNS server load balancing
  • Intelligent DNS resolution with wide IPs and wide IP pools
  • Using probes and metrics to assist the intelligent DNS resolution process
  • Intelligent DNS load balancing methods
  • Monitoring intelligent DNS resources
  • Logging GSLB load balancing decisions
  • Using DNSSEC
  • Integrating iRules in the DNS resolution process
  • Managing BIG-IP DNS sync groups

What is the Outcome of F5 GTM / F5 DNS Training?

After completion of the F5 GTM / F5 DNS Training course, you will have extensive knowledge and understanding of the overall functionalities and technical concepts of F5 BIG-IP products & solutions. You will become skilled at the following aspects:

  • Provisioning the BIG-IP system for operation
  • Backing up the BIG-IP system configuration for safekeeping
  • Describing how the Domain Name System (DNS) resolves host names into IP addresses
  • Describing how the BIG-IP DNS system can participate in the DNS resolution process
  • Using DNS Express on the BIG-IP DNS system to accelerate DNS resolution
  • Caching DNS query responses on BIG-IP DNS to accelerate DNS resolution
  • Load balancing DNS queries to a pool of DNS servers and monitor pool health
  • Configuring the key features of the BIG-IP DNS system to perform intelligent DNS resolution
  • Describing the LDNS probes used by BIG-IP DNS to support path-based load balancing
  • Configuring a wide IP pool to use a path load balancing method
  • Viewing and confirming DNS resolution behavior using path load balancing methods
  • Using static and dynamic load balancing methods to intelligently resolve DNS queries
  • Using persistence to effectively return one or more clients to the same virtual server on each query
  • Using manual resume to control certain load balancing behavior in the event of an outage
  • Configuring and using load balancing decision logs to fine-tune and troubleshoot DNS resolution
  • Configuring monitors on the BIG-IP DNS system in support of DNS resolution
  • Configuring BIG-IP DNS to participate in the DNSSEC chain of trust
  • Configuring limit settings on virtual servers, servers, and wide IP pools to temporarily direct client traffic away from resources that may not be performing at certain thresholds of efficiency
  • Configuring iRules on a wide IP to customize intelligent DNS resolution
  • Describing the other wide IP types provided with BIG-IP DNS
  • Configuring a BIG-IP DNS sync group
  • Applying all the principles learned throughout the course to configure a BIG-IP DNS system based on hypothetical specifications

F5 GTM / F5 DNS Training Labs

I-Medita provides a great emphasis on Lab Sessions so that you can practically implement the concepts learnt in the Classroom & Online sessions. This is very important aspect for making you Job Ready. I-Medita labs are open 24*7 and accessible to students for regular and additional practice sessions as per their convenience. Our Hands on F5 GTM / F5 DNS Training Labs will make you well versed to:

  • Identify customer requirements, constraints, and challenges related to DNS
  • Identify configuration options for TMOS and sync groups
  • Identify configuration options for non-GSLB DNS components
  • Identify the necessary network environment for GSLB operations
  • Determine when and how to employ the appropriate network and DNS troubleshooting tools
  • Diagnose BIG-IP DNS issues
  • Analyze system log data and statistics for problem analysis
  • Address DNS-related issues based on troubleshooting and log analysis
  • Identify process to perform BIG-IP DNS configuration backup
  • Identify prerequisites and procedure for BIG-IP DNS configuration restoration
  • Identify various BIG-IP DNS monitoring strategies
  • Recognize appropriate procedures for performing BIG-IP DNS software upgrades

Post Training Support & Placement

I-Medita provides dedicated 24*7 support via Chat, WhatsApp and Emails during and post training. We even provide, free refresher courses to students. We offer 100% placement assistance to students. Our Experts are happy to guide and mentor the students even after course completion.

F5 Certified Technology Specialists Certification – Exam Preparation

The F5 Certified Technology Specialist Track consists of 4 exams


I-Medita F5 GTM / F5 DNS Training directly corresponds to the curriculum for the F5 302 – BIG-IP DNS SPECIALIST certification which is the second exam in the F5 Certified Technology Specialist Track. Candidates who pass Exam 302 BIG-IP DNS earn the credentials F5 Certified Technology Specialist – BIG-IP DNS

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 302 BIG-IP DNS Specialist Examination?

The BIG-IP DNS Specialist (earlier known as the 302 GTM Specialist) examination validates your ability to deliver scalable intelligent DNS/Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) infrastructure across multiple data centers.

What are the Pre-requisites of the 302 BIG-IP DNS Examination?
  • Candidates should have at least one year of experience as BIG-IP DNS Administrator
  • They should have passed the Certified BIG-IP Administrator (F5-CA) examination.
What is the Cost of 302 BIG-IP DNS Examination?

The cost of the exam is $180 (excluding local taxes)

302 BIG-IP DNS Examination - One glance summary

Format of questions - multiple choice questions, some questions contain exhibits or

  • Number of questions - 80
  • Exam Duration - 90 minutes
  • Passing Score - 245 out of 350
What if you cannot crack the exam in the first attempt? Are retakes allowed?

In the event, that you cannot pass the exam in the first attempt, you can retake the examination after a cooling period of 15 days, between the next attempt.

Our Trainers

Saurabh Yadav

Saurabh Yadav

Triple CCIE R&S, SP, Security # 46962

Baldev Singh

Baldev Singh

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Sudhanshu Bhat

Sudhanshu Bhat

CCIE Voice # 41212

Surendra Singh

Surendra Singh

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Shubham Singh

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