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F5 Load Balancer Training Overview

Want to understand the significance of Local Traffic Manager or Load Balancer Training Course in Networking?

Let us take an example of online shopping. Have you shopped for your favorite products online, especially during the great online shopping bonanza time? Just like you, there will be millions of people accessing the same website to buy their favorite products right? Ever wondered how these websites cater to each of their customers efficiently, without a delay of even a fraction of a second?

This is exactly where Local Traffic Managers come in. The Local Traffic Manager (LTM) smartly manage network traffic in such a way that applications are always fast, available, and secure.

Load Balancing distributes network traffic to online servers that fulfil requests in minimum time. This improve speed and efficiency of all servers in a network. This also ensures that all servers have equivalent workload for nonstop and timely services.

What is F5 Load Balancer Training Course? 

F5 Local Traffic Manager Training Course or F5 Load Balancer Training course provides you in-depth knowledge of both, commonly used & advanced, BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager features and functionalities. You become capable to manage BIG-IP LTM systems, as part of a flexible and high performance application delivery network.

Who should attend the F5 Load Balancer Training Course? 

  • Professionals eager to gain knowledge of F5 Load Balancers & Traffic Managers.
  • F5 Professionals who wish to improve their competencies required in day to day operation and administration of a BIG IP application delivery network must attend this course
  • Networking Professionals who are keen achieve F5 Certification should take this course for thorough preparation of certification exam.

Pre-requisites for F5 Load Balancer Training Course? 

The prerequisite for enrolling in I-Medita F5 Load Balancer Training course, is that, you must have in-depth knowledge of TCP/IP Addressing & Routing, OSI/TCP IP Model, Command Line Configuration.

Job profiles after F5 Local Traffic Manager (LTM) Training Course? 

After successfully completing your F5 Local Traffic Manager (LTM) Training Course / F5 Load Balancer Training Course you will become qualified to perform the job of a –

  • Network Specialist
  • Network Services Specialist
  • Technical Lead, Technical Architect
  • Network Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Network Administrator

I-Medita Free Demo Session;

I-Medita conducts a Free Demo Session for Professionals who aspire to enroll in our F5 Load Balancer Training Course. This session gives you an understanding of how our F5 load balancer lectures are delivered. This session is a great forum to understand the scope & opportunities in Networking domain. It is particularly helpful if you are new to F5 products and solutions and wish to learn more, before deciding in favour of attending the training.

Batch Details

I-Medita arranges multiple batches daily for F5 Local Traffic Manager (LTM) Training Course / F5 Load Balancer Training Course in Pune. We have restricted our batch size to 20 students to make certain you receive individual attention during training. We take pride in the fact that all our trainers have profound knowledge and great work experience of F5 Products and Solutions.

Track Regular (Mon-Fri) Weekend (Sat-Sun)

5 Days

5 Days


6 Hours a Day

6 Hours a Day


USD 600

USD 600

What will you learn in this F5 Load Balancer Training Course?

 During the F5 Load Balancer Training course (BIG IP-LTM), you will learn the following concepts and will become confident of: 

  • BIG IP System fundamentals
  • How to set up BIG IP Systems
  • How to Set up/Start/Restart/Stop/License/Provision BIG IP System out of the box
  • How to process Traffic with BIG IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM)
  • How to use TMSH (TMOS Shell) Command Line Interface
  • How to use NATs and SNATs
  • How to monitor application health
  • How to manage object status
  • How to modify traffic behavior with profiles (SSL offload and re-encryption)
  • How to modify traffic behavior with persistence including source address affinity and cookie persistence
  • How to troubleshoot BIG IP System including logging and using tcpdump
  • How to ensure Always On Management (AOM)
  • How to define User roles and administrative partitions
  • Get to know vCMP concepts
  • How to customize application delivery with iRules
  • Understand and manage user roles and partitions
  • Describe the role of iRules in affecting traffic behaviour
  • Use information to determine how BIG-IP system is currently processing traffic

 We assign great significance to Practical Trainings and Lab Sessions so that you become ready to perform the job on the field. I-Medita has excellent infrastructure for students. Our Training rooms have digital writing pads, AC, Wi-Fi and Projectors. Our labs are equipped with latest F5 equipments and are open 24*7. You can thus, have unlimited practice sessions at your convenience.

What is the F5 Load Balancer Training Course Curriculum?

I-Medita has designed the F5 LTM Training course curriculum as per the guidelines provided by F5 Certification Exam Blue Print. This helps you to prepare systematically & thoroughly for F5 Certified Technology Specialists (F5-CTS) Certification.

  • F5 Fundamentals and Introductions
  • BIG-IP System Setup
  • Reviewing Local Traffic Configuration
  • Load Balancing Traffic with LTM
  • Modifying Traffic Behavior with Persistence
  • Monitoring Application Health
  • Processing Traffic with Virtual Servers
  • Processing Traffic with SNATs
  • Configuring High Availability
  • Configuring High Availability Part 2
  • Modifying Traffic with Profiles
  • Selected Topics
  • Deploying Application Services with iApps
  • Customizing Application Delivery with iRules and Local Traffic Policies

For more in-depth course curriculum information – please check F5 Load Balancer Training Course Curriculum Details

Training Labs 

I-Medita Labs have the latest F5 equipments. Our Lab training sessions give you ample hands on training to become confident at setting up, configuring, monitoring BIG-IP System. You will get enough practice to:

  • Set up BIG-IP System
  • Configure the management port
  • Activate the BIG-IP System and configure the network
  • Test Administrative Access
  • Archive the configurations
  • Set up Virtual Servers and Pools Labs
  • Configure BIG-IP using TMSH
  • Use NAT on BIG-IP System
  • Use SNAT auto Map Lab
  • Monitor Application Health
  • Configure an FTP Virtual Server
  • Use Source Address affinity persistence
  • Use Cookie persistence
  • Enable cookie Encryption
  • Implement SSL offload and SSL Re-Encryption
  • Manage object state
  • Perform High speed logging
  • Legacy Remote Syslog
  • Use iHealth Diagnostics
  • Ensure AOM IP Address Lab
  • Create Administrative Partitions and users
  • Redirect HTTP to HTTPs via iRule
  • Perform Pool selection via iRule 

Post Training Support & Placement

When you enrol for F5 Local Traffic Manager (LTM) Training, I-Medita commits to provide you the opportunity to attend, 3 refresher courses (if & when required) for no extra fees. We have a dedicated 24*7 Chat, Whatsapp and Emails support to resolve your queries. You are welcome to speak with our Trainers for any guidance before & even after course completion.

We offer 100% placement support to students. We provide you good resume templates to highlight your knowledge & skills aptly. We share with you an exhaustive question bank which consists of frequently asked questions for meticulous preparation of interviews and exams. 

F5-CTS – Certification – Exam Preparation 

F5 Certified Technology Specialists (F5-CTS)

The F5 Certified Technology specialist certification comprises of the following 2 exams:

Exam 301a – LTM Specialist: Architect, Setup, and Deploy

This is the First exam you have to pass in order to achieve F5 Certified Technology Specialist, Local Traffic Manager Status. It is based on TMOS v11.5. This exam your knowledge required to architect and deploy applications, setup, administer and secure LTM Devices

Exam 301b – LTM Specialist: Maintain and Troubleshoot

This is the second exams you have to pass for obtaining the F5 Certified Technology Specialist, Local Traffic Manager Status. This exam tests your capacity to troubleshoot basic server connectivity issues, identify and resolve application issues, identify and resolve LTM Device issues. 

You will have thorough knowledge of all concepts from SSL-based VPN implementation to symmetric and asymmetric acceleration when you pass these exams. You can benefit from this knowledge to integrate BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) into existing networks as well as new implementations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

F5 Certified Technology Specialists (F5-CTS) Certification Exam - Prerequisites

Exam 301-a prerequisite is : F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator (F5-CA)

Exam 301-b prerequisite is : Exam 301a-LTM Specialist (Architect, Setup, & Deploy)

How to Scheduling F5-CTS Exam?

You will have to schedule your F5 Certification examination via the Pearson Vue Website : https://home.pearsonvue.com/f5

F5-CTS Certification Exam - No. of Questions, Duration, Passing Score

The F5-CTS Certification exam duration is 90 minutes, in which time, you must answer 80 questions. You should score around 70 percent marks to obtain the certification.

What is F5-CTS Certification - Cost / Fees?

The Fees for F5-CTS Certification are $135 + Local Taxes. Fees are payable in US Dollars at the time of scheduling the exam.

F5 Certified Technology Specialists (F5-CTS) Certification - Validity?

The validity of F5-CTS Certification is 2 years. Please keep in mind that you have to renew your certification before the expiry date.

How to renew F5-CTS Certification ?

An email will be sent to you 3 months before the Expiry date of your Certification. Please register for & pass your recertification exam before the Expiry date.If you are unable to recertify prior to the expiry date, you get a  grace period of maximum 30-day grace to reactivate your certification.


Our Trainers

Saurabh Yadav

Saurabh Yadav

Triple CCIE R&S, SP, Security # 46962

Baldev Singh

Baldev Singh

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Sudhanshu Bhat

Sudhanshu Bhat

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Surendra Singh

Surendra Singh

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Shubham Singh

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