Mr Hussain

Multi-Track | GTT Communications

I am graduated from Sinhgad University which comes from the University of Pune. I have done bachelors in Computer Applications which happened to be total programming. The first question that many of you will ask when you go with this video will be Why I took networking? Networking is the most stable domain in next 30 years because there is very few chance that automation will happen in this industry, so this is a very stable environment, you will definitely grow in this domain. The reason why I choose this great organisation I-Medita, one day I was having conversation with my friend that what should we do for our career as we are completing our graduation soon, so he said we choose networking as this is the most stable and he told me that there is an organisation I-Medita in Baner which is absolutely fantastic because many of ours friend get placed here. We came here and had a demo about our self then we sat in a class where Mr Surendra Sir took our interview and he gave a very simple example of IP address and NAT and things like that, so we were quite impressed that this organisation is very good. We take admission in the Multi-Track program, the course was a 7-month program and the good thing is I got placed in 5 months. I completed my course in the 6th month and got placed in the 5th month so it was really amazing. I would really want to thank Baldev sir as he was the one who took my training in CCNA and CCNP R&S. He was absolutely amazing if you call him at night 2 pm and ask the doubt he will resolve your issue. He was absolutely fantastic. Baldev sir, Surendra sir, Saurabh sir, Saurabh Rawat sir who is a successful manager here, all of them are amazing. They are so friendly and this organisation is so student friendly that you will never feel that you are in a professional attire, you will always feel that this organisation is very good and you will definitely get successful career here. So, I would rate I-Medita very much, you should come here and you should work hard, be confident an what you speak and be through with your technical part and no one can stop you for what you desire. Thank you so much I-Medita.

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